Our Family

 Married for 11 years, my husband and I are the parents of 5 children. We blend our own style of home education with Dad alternating work from home and travel for work. We enjoy the time at home together this lifestyle offers, as well as the chance to travel as a family. 

A quick family photo not long after the birth of our fifth child, a precious daughter.

Enjoy a little more 'about us' through the photos below.

Amateur Photography


  Getting out and seeing the natural world

Traveling for work
Making music: guitar and piano for Dad


We love to go to the Temple,
a place of peace and holiness.
Still 'dating' each other :-)
Following Jesus Christ {LDS} 

Dependable Dad



    Growing things!

Big Sis, age 2.5
Lil' Sis, newborn
Mom loves Fiddling and singing Hymns

Cooking and Baking (I'm compiling my own cookbook)
Hooray for Board Games!
Reading together
Our oldest son, at age 8,
Loves to help in the kitchen

Our second son, at age 6,
Enjoys creating with Bionicles and Lego


Our youngest son, at age 3,
Expert tower builder (and wrecker!)
It's easy to love such great kids.


Video Games Galore!