Instead of School

Imagine : what would your family's life look like without school?

How might creating your own kind of education benefit you and  your children?

My husband and I chose early on to educate our children at home.
You can see what we do instead of school at the Learning Resources page.

Our family's learning philosophy is that learning can happen at any time and in any place.
Our focus is on living a worthwhile life; we all learn what we need to know in the process.

You might wonder:  "Just what kind of homeschoolers are you?"

Like a lot of other homeschoolers, no single label really fits us.

I have incorporated various approaches from the beginning of our home education journey, when my oldest was just a toddler. You'll see some references to Unschooling, Charlotte Mason, the Moore formula, Thomas Jefferson home education, Montessori and our faith as you read my blog. Some might call us Eclectic & Relaxed. My husband calls us Life Learners. 

Why not just call us Real Life Learners? 
Makes sense because...if we don't do 'school' at home, what do we do? Real life.

I love to share. It's one reason why I choose to blog. Here are some resources I've been blessed to learn from over the years. Please take a look! If one of these turns into a blessing for you and your family, wonderful!

What sets homeschooling apart from public school?
Deschooling Gently {after leaving school}

Sonya Haskins "Homeschooling for the Rest of Us"

Homeschool Reviews (and used curricula)
Bean Dip for Homeschoolers {how to handle questions about hs'ing}