While I have used many of these resources, I emphasize that it is important to be wise in how you choose to use any of them. I do not endorse these resources as a whole, but use the parts that seem like a good fit for me and my family, through prayerful thought, and encourage you to do the same, in the ways that work best for your circumstances and beliefs.

LDS Marriage student manual (scroll down to view 'Birth Control') 

Midwife / Labor & Birth 
Birthologie {Online Class w/ Amy Jones}
Is Midwifery Legal? (State by state)
Find a Midwife @ Mothers Naturally
BellyTales (a midwife's blog)
LDS Pioneer Midwives (short history)
Gentle Birth--midwife Ronnie Falcao--excellent
Midwife Archive--answers to questions

Breastfeeding / Mothering
Dr. Sears (pediatrician online answers questions)

Helping Your Husband Be a Spiritual Leader

Love Within Families (LDS scriptures)

Herbs and Family Health
but also use disposables during the toddler years}
*WHY* use cloth diapers??
Your Baby's Health and Diapers?
Green Mountain Diapers
Nicki's Diapers
Kelly's Closet
Thirsties diapers 

At-Home Mothers
Servant or Queen?
Family & Home Network
Proverbs 31 Woman
The Meaning of 'Keepers at Home'
A Keeper at Home as Helpmeet
Noble Womanhood
Raising Homemakers 
Ladies Against Feminism 
Hypocrisy of Feminism 

Increasing in Wisdom to Build Your Family/Community
BYU Womens' Conference Archive of Virtual Sharing Stations {fantastic inspiration!}

Mothers of Many
Why So Many Children? {Smockity Frocks}
Why Big Families Might Be Easier
"I always thought I wanted a big family, but..." 
Big Families and the Moms Who Blog Them
Big Families: Desired or Undesired
The Case for Kids
Big Families are the New Green 
The Duggar Family
And Baby Makes How Many?
Letting God Plan Our Family 
When is Enough (Children) Enough?
Sibling Relationships 
How Moms of Many Manage
How do Moms raising large families do it?
Stewardship {Family Planning}
Needed at Home 
Mega-Family Blogs 
Large Family 
Amber @ The Mommy Earth's 4 Moms links 
Interviews of Moms of Many @ Homemaking Cottage

What is Modesty?
How Dressing Modestly Changes Hearts
Thoughts on Modesty 
True Femininity 
Skirts and Dress Myths Debunked
'The Challenge' @ Feelin' Feminine
Challenging Femininity online magazine 
Raising Arrows--She Wears Skirts 
The Modest Mom blog
How to Cut Boys' Hair at Home @ Frugal Fun for Boys

Sheet Composting {Lasagna Beds} 
Home Gardens to Go (vinyl square foot garden boxes, shipped)
Baker Creek rare seeds
Native Seeds-SEARCH
Seed Savers exchange
Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply
Farmer's Almanac 

Whole Foods
Cookus Interruptus {Cynthia Lair}
Seasonal recipes from "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle"
A World of Wisdom {Amy Jones}
Weston A. Price Foundation
Nourishing Traditions
Real Food. Confused? Watch a video!
Real Food Media 
Local Harvest
Cultures for Health
Food Renegade
Health, Home and Happiness
God's Natural, Organic. Whole Foods, Grown Locally, In Season 
Nourished Kitchen
28 Day Challenge
Kelly the Kitchen Kop 
Real Food Wednesday Carnival @ Kelly the Kitchen Kop
Cheese Slave
Real Food for Less Money
The Nourishing Gourmet
Kitchen Stewardship 
Nunomi {homeschooling girl writes about Real Food}
Make the Switch to Alternative Sweeteners
Health Benefits of Sucanat (sugar cane natural)

Cooking and Recipes
Saving Dinner--great recipes!
Chef Tools {LoVe!}
Large Family Recipes
Duggar family recipes
The Prudent Homemaker 
Blog Link Parties to Read for Ideas
Make a Fabric Book Display
DIY Fabric Wall Decals
'Thank You' flower--stitchery pattern
Make a children's teepee
Making an upholstered headboard
Dharma Trading
Mormon Chic crafts
Miss Mustard Seed {furniture makeovers}
Sew Mama Sew
Angry Chicken
Magazine bowls
Birthday crowns
Sharpie marker "tie dye"
Kids' pants
Felt Flower brooches
Family tree print
More Family Tree Ideas
Freezer paper stencil shirts
Whip up
Iron-on Quilt tee shirt tutorial 
Make a Felted Bag from a wool sweater 
Crafts on MarthaStewart.com
"Slip-holstering" furniture
Thrifty Decor Chick {Ideas}

Camping / Traveling as a Family 
Recreation.gov (cabins to rent, etc)
Vacation Rentals