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If you are new to blogging or reading blogs, welcome.
Of course, there is always something posted on many blogs
 to learn from, laugh along with, or be encouraged by.

Women are strong and amazing!

Blogging's a fantastic way to stay connected and build friendships with other mothers! 

On a blog, no one can be distracted by the dust in the corners of your room 
or the "loud" sounds of (sometimes happy) children in the background. 

You can "catch up" at midnight or learn something new just by clicking on your email inbox. 

Blogs are very convenient, and sometimes that is just the ticket 
...................especially when you are raising young'uns!

Get set for some fresh ideas from bloggers on this list I've compiled


Learn to network your blog & meet new mom-friends by using the Link-Ups!

Be sure to comment on the blogs you enjoy, too.

Commenting can be a way of saying 'thank you' for the useful tips you pick up from those bloggers,
as well as a quick way to chat and say 'hello'.  

Who doesn't like a cheery "note" every once in a while?

Happy Blogging and Happy Reading!

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