Monday, March 4, 2013

Top 3 Pick-me-Ups 3/4/2013

 Why "pick-me-ups"? As a Mom, I find that I need a word of encouragement, a new way of looking at a problem, or a new idea to try every once in a while. I'm glad to share with you 3 of the websites or blog posts that have helped me in some way---I hope it will be a blessing for you, too!  Keep an eye out for these each Monday  :-)

1. Relationships are something I have always had a genuine interest in. I was in school to become a marriage and family counselor when I met my husband, actually. Now, I just focus on understanding the various family relationships I am in!

Relationships, our connection to others, are vital in everyone's life. When things are not working, it makes everything that much harder. It makes sense, then, when something is not working well, to search out ways to improve ourselves and understand others and how we connect with each other better.

I came across these videos online and watched a few. There were some great ones! They are made by a Christian ministry, Marriage Missions International. There is a list of other topics on the sidebar of the webpage linked to below about dealing with siblings, parents, in-laws, ideas for romance, and lots more. They provide lots of ways to learn about understanding and improving relationships.

Marriage Videos

 This list below gives some ideas at a glance to build a fulfilling marriage.

 12 Ways to Have a Happy, Healthy Marriage
(there is one other way they left out that happens to be a favorite of ours, wink, wink)

Below is a link with tips for dealing with rough moments. It's meant for navigating reunions or holidays when around family members we may have trouble getting along with (of course, none of us have any of those, right?). I can see how the ideas shared could come in handy anytime, actually.

P-E-A-C-E on Earth

2. When I became a Mom for the first time, the Lord led me to women who mentored me with patience and compassion. From them, I gleaned tips on parenting, breastfeeding, caring for babies, potty training, nutrition, and much more.

As my children have grown, I have found less of a need for that kind of mentoring in those areas, but with the things I am just beginning to experience as my kids grow and their needs change, I still find myself craving the company of a woman who has experienced much of this and has a heart to share with me what she learned/would have done differently! For some unexplainable reasons, having a woman to walk beside just makes my heart calm.

That is one reason why blogging has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I enjoy feeling validated, encouraged, get new ideas, and more from the sweet women who are blogging. I can't tell you how many times I was feeling overwhelmed and then I clicked over to another Mom's blog and there was a post she wrote that alleviated the emotions I was experiencing or just brought a smile to my face. These wonderful women are in various stages of raising kids, but I tell ya, I need to hear from them all! Being in the company of others experiencing similar things while raising kids is a life saver, indeed!

Has anyone heard of or participated in this Titus2 Mentoring Women program? It looks wonderful! It reminds me of the LDS church's Relief Society program. I wrote a blog post about that HERE.

It also reminds me to continue honoring my dear mother and mother-in-law, as well as sisters and sisters-in-law and aunts, for the wonderful people they are, to receive the blessings of wisdom they desire to share with me.

Last, I know there are wonderful women at church, beyond my peers, who I can ask questions of. I wonder if I could also consider asking one of these women to be a mentor to me for a time. I think that would be lovely!

3. Relationships are precious. Our time as women on this earth is precious. The lives of people we can touch for good are precious.


May we each be encouraged to seek for the knowledge and support we need to complete our callings in our families to our fullest potential for good (even if that just means lots of patience)!

I am grateful to the many, many men and women whom I have had the privilege to learn from, from within my families and from without. Those of you who read and comment here, and the things you share on your own blogs, have been a strength to me and have been such a blessing. Thank you!

I hope someday to learn to be a helpful and kind mentor to many others who seek it. I am grateful for those who are willing to play this role in my life because I acknowledge my need for them, absolutely!

God is always willing to listen to our prayers, our frustrations, our lack of understanding, or anything we feel a pressing need to lay at His feet. Sometimes God was the only one who could understand and direct me to the comfort and answers I needed in my times of frustration and despair! I need to try to go to Him first more often. (I am sure that would help! I want to be better in this.) I encourage anyone with questions, struggles, problems, or difficulties of any size or shape to go to the Lord in prayer, with faith, and make your requests known.

"Be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication 
with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."
--Phillipians 4:6 

Who are your mentors or people you've looked up to and received helpful advice from? 

What has helped you strengthen ties in your family or find solutions to problems you've faced?


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  1. I loved this post and the links. I am in that stage is the Married Adult children stage. This is a tough one; that seems harder at times than when raising our young family. Adult children don't really want your advice very often so we mainly just pray for them, put their names on a temple prayer roll when needed, be there when needed and be an example to them.
    Right now we have our 22 year old granddaughter living with us which is a struggle.
    I like you love reading blog posts that inspire me, and ones I learn great things from.
    You are one of those blogs and thank you for following mine.
    Blessings and hugs!

    1. The feeling is mutual; I am grateful to get to know you through the avenue of blogging. Thank you for saying so, too. I wish you well in this stage for you. I'll keep your granddaughter in my thoughts and offer a prayer for her, too. Your influence for good is felt more than you know, I am sure. Your faith inspires me. May your week this week be full of blessings.


  2. Dear Eve ~ I think you would make a great relationship consellor, you are being very patient and doing the right thing to make your family No;1 right now. Maybe the Lord will guide your footsteps to doing this for others a bit later on.I hope so.
    It's great you're finding the blog company a helpful support...a real blessing.
    When I had a young family my Mom was 300 miles away ~ I really missed her, but we did travel to see them as often as possible. My greatest help was my husband, who is such a kind friend as well! But I loved having other young Moms over for coffee and kids playing : we'd share our troubles, that always helps.I guess we didn't have the Internet in those days!!
    Blessings to you and your family,
    xx Alex

    1. Alex, that is very encouraging to hear how you mention the Lord possibly leading me to be a counselor at some point. It would be a privilege. I enjoy hearing how your husband was your great support when your children were young. I am lucky enough to understand you there, my husband is a wonderful person and partner, too. Three cheers for a supportive husband!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me :-)

      Blessings to you,


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)