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Top 3 Pick-me-Ups 3/11/2013

 Why "pick-me-ups"? I find that I need a word of encouragement, a new way of looking at a problem, or a new idea to try every once in a while. I'm glad to share with you 3 of the websites or blog posts that have helped me in some way---I hope it will be a blessing for you, too!  Note: This is the last post in the "Top 3" series for now.

C u b   S c o u t s  !

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 Things I like best about Cub Scouts for my sons:
  • builds character
  • gain skills/knowledge
  • strengthen confidence
  • make friends 

 My sons like:
  •  playing with the other scouts
  • eating treats occasionally
  • receiving awards they earned (makes them feel special). 

I do remember when my oldest was a cute little Wolf scout 2 years ago. I was a little intimidated! Badges and achievements and meetings, oh my! After two years (wow, has time flown), I feel like I am getting a better understanding of the Cub Scout program. Now that I am an assistant leader in my son's Webelos den, I am getting to learn a lot more. (Boy, am I!) While I consider myself a 'beginner' in this area, I'm happy to pass on these tips today.

I am going to spare you all a long post about this topic and just include 3 links that have helped me make sense of what Cub Scouts is about, with helpful resources to implement the program in the family or in the pack. 

If you are new to Cub Scouts, reading the book that comes along with the den is a good start and attending any training (ie: Round Table) offered in your area can really be helpful as a leader or a parent.


1. The first link is like a collection of a TON of stuff other wonderful people have put together and so generously shared. 

My favorites are the print-outs, like the one that correlates the LDS Faith in God booklet with the various cub scout achievements from Wolf to Webelos. That one is awesome. The other one I like is the Belt Loop print out that lists all the beltloops the boys can earn from Wolf to Webelos, with pictures of the actual loops and also the things they need to do to earn them. I haven't found that anywhere else, so very helpful. Click above, it's all on there.

2. Akela's Council

3. America Jane

Bonus: This almost goes without saying, but Pinterest has a plethora (of course) of ideas for Den doodles, Blue and Gold themes, and all kind of print outs, charts, record keeping, not to mention crafts that the boys can make in meetings.

Feel free to pass this on to any Cub Scouting families you know. 

Have a great link or idea? Let me know with a comment or email!

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  1. This one brought back a few memories. I was the den leader for all three of my boys. For several years we were into the scouting era.
    I wish that the computer would have been around at that time to give me good ideas for the meetings.

    1. The computer does come in handy. The roundtables are good resources to learn more but I can't always make them with my husband's work schedule sometimes. Thanks for saying hi and commenting!


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