Monday, February 4, 2013

Top 3 Pick-me-Ups 2/4/13

Why "pick-me-ups"? As a Mom, I find that I need a word of encouragement, a new way of looking at a problem, or a new idea to try every once in a while. I'm glad to share with you 3 of the websites or blog posts that have helped me in some way---I hope it will be a blessing for you, too!  
 Keep an eye out for these each Monday  :-)

Let's get ready for Valentine's Day!

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1.  I love receiving the ideas from Little Blots lapbooks in my email box. Here are some ideas to help any little ones enjoy creating and playing and learning through a Love themed lapbook.  This video from Valerie at Lapbook Lessons shows how the lapbook is arranged. Some ideas here, here, and here for games and coloring items to put into the lapbook.

2.  Here are a few more Valentine's Day crafts from DTLK-Kids. I printed off some angry bird and hearts and flowers ones for the family to color during our family home evening.

3. These treats from Spoonful for the holiday look so yummy. I've made the red jello hearts before and the kids really liked it (it was easy!).

This year, I noticed at a local discount grocery they had some good prices on a variety of bulk sweets. (Actually, while shopping, my boys ran over to the aisle and then flagged me down! haha) My oldest boys helped pick out a few different chocolates, gummies and gumdrops in pink and red colors when we went shopping. They are going to help me put them in homemade decorated "mailboxes" (empty tissue boxes) on February 14th for a fun surprise for the rest of the family!

What are some of the fun ways you like to enjoy this holiday?


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  1. Thanks for the links; they look like fun ones. At our age we usually have a nice dinner at home; sometimes we go out. We also like to put on music and dance to some oldies.

    1. Dinner and dance, that sounds fun!

  2. Hi Eve ~
    I like your seems to me that Valentines day is far more a family celebration in the USA than here in UK. I wish it were more your way! Lots of sweet things to express all kinds of love : then everybody can join in! I shall be busy too, trying to complete an embroidered heart garland that I started a YEAR ago! (blush) and of course a card for my 'other half'.
    God bless you and yours,
    x Alex

    1. An embroidered garland, sounds beautiful! I like your idea for a card. It can mean so much just expressing our love and tender feelings for each other. Thanks for the comment and enjoy your Love Day!


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