Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Homeschool Mom Interview

If you are like me and jump at the chance to learn from other mothers who homeschool or are in the middle of raising children, then you won't want to miss this nice little video interview at Gwen Tolliver's blog, Tollivers to Texas.

I love how she mentioned that if you help your children to develop a love for learning, you don't have to worry about teaching them everything because they'll be able to fill in their own gaps as they seek learning. That's what I am banking on! Her example of combining learning subjects with her children was also refreshing to hear about.


  1. I have one of my daughters that homeschools. It is so important to help children have a desire for learning. I do know that if they develop a love for reading they usually love to learn too.

    1. Good point about a love of reading. That definitely helps!


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