Friday, January 25, 2013

Dad's Influence in Home Life

After posting about my husband and the ways he influences our kids for good, including in home education, my dear husband came across this video, below, and sent me a link so I could watch it. I'm passing this on as I am sure other Moms and Dads will appreciate it.

I had to smile, so much of what the 'experts' mention remind me of him, like using technology in the family to organize and plan and less of a tendency toward perfectionism in child rearing and routines. He's also an excellent grocery shopper   :-)

Although he is not a full time at-home Dad without work, my husband is a full-time Dad and is more often at home than gone due to his choice of profession (computer guy extraordinaire!) and we end up sharing a lot of our parenting/household responsibilities. A lot of these things mentioned in the video still apply because of the unique lifestyle we live. (It's also so nice to feel like we are not alone as we live a little outside the norm)

What are your thoughts upon viewing the video? Do you see some changes in the ways Dads around you engage and interact with their kids than in previous generations?



  1. This was great-- a unique perspective. I shared it on Facebook-- thanks! :-)

    Mama Rachel

  2. Hey, thanks!! Glad you liked it, too.


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)