Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Legos in the Afternoon

Would you like to see some Lego creations my son built? This video shows the beginning of a project he thought up. I thought it would be fun to share with my readers here so you can get a little feel for just a day-as-usual at home with our family.

I like to read to my boys whilst they play video or computer games with the sound off or build with Legos. I find they like to multi-task, which is not surprising to me as their Dad is the same way.

What do your quiet afternoons look like at your house?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Something's Missing!


A few days after I posted this funny photo, he pulled out the other front tooth, which was loose.

He likes smiling and showing off the "window" in his mouth!

Thursday, June 21, 2012


I decided to snap photos, the usual way : on my Android phone, to show some of the many things that can happen during one day in our family's life lately. Now, this was one of the 'good' days where we got a lot done and it was just full, full, full. We do have lots of 'do-nothing' days as well  :^)

It was fun learning to create these collages using Picasa. What do you like to use to fancy up your photos?

I love mornings, when everyone is fresh and the day is a blank page to be written upon. I love saying and hearing "good morning" over and over as everyone is waking up and starting their day in the house. I love the fresh air, the birds calling to each other in the eucalyptus tree next door, and the early light of a new day beginning.

Flag Day 2012 Collage

A little later in the day...


My "other" favorite time of day is dinner time. It's so nice to eat a meal all together as a family, to either enjoy my husband's creative concoction of the evening or to watch everyone tasting happily the food I prepared for them.

It's heavenly to  S l o w   D o w n,
to sit together after the business of the day has been carried out,
reconnecting and relaxing......

.....for the 2 seconds before a little "someone" rubs spaghetti in their hair   ;-)

Nah, I really do enjoy dinner time, messes and all.


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What's your favorite time of day with your family?

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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hibernating in the Afternoon

Being 106 degrees today, the kids have all migrated to the master bedroom, which happens to be the coolest room in the house. We spend lots of time here in the afternoon, me nursing the baby, playing music on the CD player to my toddler daughter, while she beckons to her almost-5-year old brother to "sing wif us!"

Wee Sing for little fingerplays and tickle games to play together.
Great for sons or daughters. I used to play these when our second oldest son
was the baby! He turns 8 after Christmas this year. My, how time flies!


The boys set up a laptop station on pillows and I have enjoyed their company.
They also have other devices to play here, like the iPad.


They can work out who plays which game when and take turns pretty well on their own
most of the time. It's fun to hear them discuss the games they are playing.