Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A Few { F U N } Things Lately

July was a month full of fun!

Independence Day was great : simple and memorable. We invited family over for a BBQ with spiral-sliced hot dogs and fix in's. I had some sparklers, snap & pops, fountains and smoke bombs for the kids to enjoy out front with the adults watching. We had cupcakes and other goodies to round out the evening.

Then, we packed up and visited family in Utah for a few days. It was so refreshing to be in cooler weather and wonderful to spend time with cousins, siblings, and Grandparents on my husband's side.

Our third son turned 5 and enjoyed his BIG birthday presents and family party.

Our garden grew some more :    T a L L   S u N f l O w E r S  &   W i D e   watermelon.

My husband was in China for about 10 days for work and we made due at home as best we could without him. I'll share a few photos from his work trip in another post.

We kept cool indoors while the outdoors sizzled by setting up the marble run and playing games, doing fun girl hairdo's and taking walks when the sun went down. Plenty of movies were watched and video and computer games were played!

We attended our baby girl's first story/music time at the local public library (our home-away-from-home). The kids love the glass block wall in the children's area that is filled with items in hues of the rainbow. It was big sis' first time there as a big kid and she was enthralled with the toys trapped in glass!

We spent a few days at the local park and were lucky to have a train pass by. The kids looked....and then leapt! They wanted to get as C L O S E as possible as it rumbled past....I was thankful for double fences that kept them contained and safe!

Last of all, in early August, a dentist near our home was opening a new office and threw a community appreciation day, complete with gourmet BBQ sandwiches, snow cones, kids' games and face painting.

They had me at the word "FREE", so off I went, with my 5 kids in tow and met my sister up who brought her oldest daughters. The kids had a great time, even with  the triple digit heat. (I held the baby in the shade near the fan and misters as much as possible.)

Here's the proof-in-photos.


Up, up & away! BIG birthday gift for boy #3 who is now 5 years old (the pilot).
Blurry photo taken by 7 year old son...the cool "dummy"gift we made for sword practice.
Wrestling break in the evening, when Dad was away for work in China.

From the trip visiting family: IMAG3484 IMAG3482 IMAG3481 IMAG3476 IMAG3487 IMAG3497 IMAG3549 IMAG3550 IMAG3574 IMAG3586 IMAG3600 IMAG3603.jpg IMAG3622 IMAG3619 IMAG3605 IMAG3609 IMAG3628 IMAG3632 IMAG3634 IMAG3653 IMAG3642 IMAG3646 IMAG3658 IMAG3660 IMAG3661 IMAG3662 IMAG3666 IMAG3668 IMAG3670 IMAG3673



  1. I think having a blog is such a great way to record family activities. I loved the pictures of your children. I had three boys and then three girls; so I can remember the 3 boys and the first little girl. Thanks for commenting on my post on Mormon Women.
    This a sweet read and blessings to you all!

    1. Thank you, LeAnn! Your encouraging words are so appreciated.

  2. Oh cute! Gorgeous pictures!

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. I hope August is a great month for you and yours!


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