Friday, July 13, 2012

The Last Word

Of course, after reading over the last post I wrote, on Obedience & Habit Training, I feel the need to add one important "last word" to child training: Connection. You've got to begin from the place of connection, heart-to-heart, because no problem to be solved is worth losing your connection to your child over.

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When I find my children less willing to comply to requests given to them, sometimes that just means we all need to loosen up and make time to just enjoy each other for a little while so that we can come back to the "business" of life refreshed. I need that "relaxation" frequently!

I know a few of you out there are nodding your heads to this   :o)

What is the wisest advice about raising children that someone gave you?
Who inspires you by their example of parenting / relationships?


  1. You know, one thing I read before we had our dd and that has stuck with me is this piece of wisdom: if you spend the first ten years of your child's life with them, they'll want to spend the next ten with you!
    I agree with the connection part for sure! To a child, time equals love and when they feel loved they obey - in my humble opinion:)

  2. Time=Love, I agree! They grow up so fast, too. Thanks for sharing this, it is a good reminder.


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