Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sun Cooking

Have you seen these?

It's a global sun oven. I bought mine from Crystal at Everyday Food Storage for a good deal. She's having a sale on them right now!

I tried mine out for the first time this week. I had a frozen whole chicken that I'd purchased from a co-op for pasture-raised poultry and read online that the sun oven can cook a chicken from frozen to browned and juicy in 4 hours. I decided to give it a try! 

I rubbed the frozen bird with butter and patted fresh herbs from my garden all over it, set it in an enamel pot, closed the glass lid on the oven and positioned it to face the sun per the directions.

I checked on the position of the oven several times during the 4 hour cooking time, adjusting it slightly each time to line up with the sun. The temperature fluctuated a little but held steady enough to cook it just fine. At 3 hours, it started to smell like roasted chicken in my side yard! Mmmmm! It was really cool, cooking something with just the power of the sun! I can see this oven coming in handy for cooking during the summer so my kitchen doesn't get hot and to save $ on energy bills. I think it will make meals a snap while camping, too!

Nice & brown & fragrant! You can see all that nice moisture held inside.

At about 3.5 hours, the roasted chicken was ready to take inside and rest for a few minutes before serving. The chicken was SO yummy! It was very moist and smelled and looked just like a rotisserie chicken. My family ate it and enjoyed it, kids and grown-ups alike. I served it alongside baby carrots and homemade pasta salad.

It makes me excited to consider the possibilities of things we can cook in this neat contraption. Anything that you can bake in a normal oven or on the stovetop, you can cook in a sun oven, apparently. "Unboiled" eggs, homemade bread, and chocolate chip cookies are next on the list!

Disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation for this post. 
I shared about it because I enjoy this product and want others to know about it!

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  1. Really! Wow! I have never seen nor heard of these before! Imagine the possibilities! I'm off to google it right now to see if they are available in Australia and the cost:)

  2. Hey, this would be great for sunny Australia! You can cook in these even in cold weather, too, as long as there is sun. I know the company sells them around the world, so there's an excellent chance you can get this, too, where you live. Glad to know this post was of help to you! :-)

  3. Wow, it really worked! My son will be very interested to see this. He's trying to build a generator that will be self-powered so we will be energy self-sufficient. He's still in the research stage. But he's very interested in solar power and alternative energy solutions so I'll send him this link.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I see that you're friends with Rosemary. What a wonderful bloggy friend she is!

  4. Aww thanks Penney :)
    Eve, I actually came back to ask you for the brand name if you are able to tell me? I googled it and yes they do have them here but there is quite a big price difference between some of the brands! Not sure why I've not heard of them before.:)

  5. Hi, Penney! How great that your son is interested in solar energy! A generator, I am impressed. I wish him luck with his research, sounds interesting (and very handy!).

    Yes, I agree, Rosemary is a wonderful bloggy friend! I am inspired quite a bit by the way she homeschools her daughter, as well. I'm grateful for you, her and other moms who blog, it's such a neat opportunity to meet other women and learn about each other's lives, isn't it? Thanks for your comment! :-)

  6. The brand name is Global Sun Oven and the company's website is If you search around the internet, you can find deals on these. I bought mine from Everyday Food Storage at I do know someone who found the same package, the oven plus cooking equipment ($89 value), for $20 less than I paid, so a good search can turn up good deals. Does that help?

  7. Thanks Eve! Hmmmm....they cost $580 here! Yikes! Ok, will keep looking......:)

  8. Yikes!! That is exorbitant! I paid around $300 for mine. Are they online companies? Would they ship there?


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