Thursday, June 21, 2012


I decided to snap photos, the usual way : on my Android phone, to show some of the many things that can happen during one day in our family's life lately. Now, this was one of the 'good' days where we got a lot done and it was just full, full, full. We do have lots of 'do-nothing' days as well  :^)

It was fun learning to create these collages using Picasa. What do you like to use to fancy up your photos?

I love mornings, when everyone is fresh and the day is a blank page to be written upon. I love saying and hearing "good morning" over and over as everyone is waking up and starting their day in the house. I love the fresh air, the birds calling to each other in the eucalyptus tree next door, and the early light of a new day beginning.

Flag Day 2012 Collage

A little later in the day...


My "other" favorite time of day is dinner time. It's so nice to eat a meal all together as a family, to either enjoy my husband's creative concoction of the evening or to watch everyone tasting happily the food I prepared for them.

It's heavenly to  S l o w   D o w n,
to sit together after the business of the day has been carried out,
reconnecting and relaxing......

.....for the 2 seconds before a little "someone" rubs spaghetti in their hair   ;-)

Nah, I really do enjoy dinner time, messes and all.


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What's your favorite time of day with your family?

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  1. Oh you're so clever to create a collage like that! I just did a bland post with some pics from our week lol and thanks for your comment too:) yea dinner time is up there....having hubby home and sitting down to a meal as a family is great!

  2. I think it's funny we posted similar posts around the same time. Great minds think alike, eh? :-) I found yours so wonderful and fun to read, so I hope you don't feel bad. I just discovered how to use Picasa to make collages from reading another bloggy friend's blog and, LOL, you should have seen how LONG it took me to figure it out, AND I had to go back a day later and try again because for some reason it was just not doing what I wanted it to do! These blog-learning things take time for me, anyway.

    Thanks for your comment, Rosemary. It always brightens my day to see your comments show up in my inbox! Have a lovely one :-)


  3. Hello,

    While researching homeschooling blogs I came across your very interesting blog! You are so blessed with a beautiful family. The collage shines with happiness! Just a few questions: how is homeschooling 5? (I have 2 and am debating more!)Do you do any particular book work like math and english? Are your kids in organized sports or groups? Do they have playdates/sleepovers?

    Thanks in advance for the info! My son just tured 4 and is suppose to start school buthave recently made the decision to homeschool.


    1. Hi, Victoria, and welcome to my blog!

      You ask some questions I have heard very often from people who are less familiar with homeschooling. Yes, homeschooled kids have friends and do things in their communities. They just don't go to school ;-) Kids make friends at church, meeting other kids at the community center, scouts, library, park, sports teams, and the neighborhood. Yes, my kids have made friends through these venues as well and enjoyed doing these activities. My 2 oldest boys like soccer the most, so far.

      It might help to know these photos in my collage are from our summer days and do not necessarily depict a normal day during the cooler months when we tend to do more "schooly" type things, like handwriting practice and reading practice and such.

      That's great that you are considering how you want to help your child learn! You don't mention where you live, but I understand some places do start school earlier than others. For an idea of what I have done and do with kids your child's age and older, you can visit my Learning Resources page here. No matter what educational path you choose for your child(ren), learning can be fun and parents can be involved and make a difference. I happen to think homeschooling is pretty awesome :-D

      Thank you for the kind comment. Stop by again soon!


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