Thursday, May 10, 2012

Music from the Heart of a Mother

Watching this video (below) touched my heart.

Mormon songwriter/musician, Calee Reed, wrote the song in the video as a tribute to her mother who passed away last year from cancer. I'm sure her mother would be so happy to see how her daughter has used the gift of music to bless others and remember her.

What a testimony to the powerful influence of a mother, that even the simple act of living a good life and sharing a small gift, even just a few songs lovingly sung in childhood, can have that kind of lasting impression on a soul. Truly, Calee is a reflection of her own mother's goodness!

I can't watch this video and hear this song without thinking of my own Mom, who sang to me often, played the piano in our home while I was growing up, and played hymns on Sundays to invite a spirit of peace into our home. She really did "put the music in me", too. She taught me about God and how I am His child. I'll always be grateful to my Mom for loving me and taking care of me and giving me the best of herself. I feel so fortunate that she is still here on this earth for me to hug and spend time with!

Mom with my new daughter, her 10th grandchild

For the Mothers who have gone before us, for the Mothers who surround us still, and for the Mothers we are becoming,

I wish us all: A Happy Mother's Day :-)

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  1. Oh Eve! I'm so sorry I haven't visited in a while. Life has been so busy! Happy belated mothers day to you:) I can see quite a bit of your mum in you:)


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)