Monday, May 28, 2012

A Few Things Lately...

First stroller walk! Can you guess who was the most excited about this outing? She is so fun and funny! And fits the big sis role pretty well. She loves to rub the baby's face with hers. I peeked in the bedroom one time and she was "sharing" her toy ponies and bears with her baby sister. Sweet!


First day back to church for Mom & Baby, yesterday. It was a nice day, thanks to my husband and my parents who attended and helped the older children. I love lil' sis in this sweet ducky dress. (below)


It has been a month now since our sweet baby girl was born. It has been a very memorable time, complete with ups and downs. It's been a blessing to have plenty of time for everyone to get acquainted with this new member of our family, now that we've grown from a family of 6 to 7.

Some days our little baby wants to be held all day. She wakes up for a feeding and diaper change at about 2 a.m. and likes her diaper changed right away in the morning when we wake up. It has been wonderful to have our oldest here in the mornings! He is a blessing to me and baby because he is always willing to hold her so I can get ready in the morning. He is so quick to help that I am mindful of this and try not to ask too often. One benefit of helping Mom with the baby, he has learned, is that nice things come your way eventually! (outings, treats, etc.) And the baby recognizes and likes to be held by him. Bonus!

Our second son likes to be helpful in other ways, like doing his chore, and always loves to play games with friends and his Dad. Our third son, soon-to-be five years old, likes the baby, too. He is so fast--he just hops in the room, says 'hi' and to tell me about games he is playing, and then hops right on out again. Lying down with the baby during the day often gives me the chance to read books together with our 2 year old daughter. These are the memories we'll look back on with fondness later and I can genuinely say it's a joy to be in the middle of making them right now! Nursing a baby helps me to s l o w down just enough to really take the time to enjoy these moments. And it makes such sweet-smelling babies :-)



Someone at a store this past week asked a few questions of me as they stood admiring our new baby I was carrying in my baby sling at the time. Of course, she asked about the carrier and if it was comfortable. (I hear that a lot...people aren't used to seeing women carrying their babies in our culture)

Of course, at some point she asked me the million dollar question: are you "done" having children?

I couldn't help but reply, "We're having too much fun to stop now!"

We have our chaotic moments for sure, and there are problems and challenges we push through like any other family, but for the most part, family life as we live it has been just a joy to experience. I feel very fortunate to be the partner to my husband and the mother of these children who God has given us to love and care for and raise.

I couldn't do what I do in the nurturing department if it weren't for my husband, my partner in life and in raising our family. He has cooked, cleaned, shopped, bathed children, changed a few diapers, taken kids hiking and to a family reunion without me, and generally been very supportive. I admire him for taking care of us, and now it's time for life to return to a more normal routine and he is back to traveling and working from home again. We all love and appreciate him and are grateful for the person he is. He adds so much fun to our days! He is the King of Rootbeer, Oreos, movies and games! As he tells me often, "we are doing this together!"  I'm so glad we can and we are!  Thanks, sweetie :-)

The secret to getting everyone to hold still for 2 seconds is...drumroll...jellybeans! LOL

Life is great!


  1. lol! laughing at the jellybeans comment:)
    I can't believe someone actually asked you if you're done having children! seriously!!!
    it's amazing how I get asked the opposite - don't you want more kids? why did you only want one etc (with no idea of why we only have one!)
    yet to me the question you get asked is even ruder!
    your hubby sounds great! good on him!

  2. Haha, yes, that's why the little kids were smiling so big in the pic, jellybeans!!! LOL

    Yes, it is unfortunate that the one things many people can think to say is not an encouraging comment to a mother but a rude comment or intrusive question. Curiosity from younger people I am less taken back by, but adults should know better. I take it as a sign of the times that many families are broken & children unwanted. I do try to reply with patience and hold my peace. I hope more people realize there are some things they just don't have a right to know! (Like family planning details!)

    On the lighter side, there was a sweet older lady at the grocery store, when I had just had our fourth child, who peeked at her in my carrier and remarked, "You make such beautiful babies, you shoul dhave 10 of then" or something similar to that. That was one of the nicest things I have ever heard come from a complete stranger! Valuing children is so important, isn't it? The number is not what the message is about, but how we value our families, treasure the children we have, that's my view.

    Thanks for your comment :)


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)