Saturday, May 19, 2012

Do You See the Beauty in the "Ordinary"?

What is it we do as "homeschoolers"?

We are teaching our children how to live a "real life". How do we do this? By living our real lives, everyday...and inviting our children along!

Have you seen Hans Christian Andersen? It's this old Danny Kaye movie. There's a scene where Danny Kaye, as Hans, tries to smile and greet students inside the schoolroom as he passes by the open door. The cranky school master returns this greeting by glaring and slamming the door in his face. Hans walks on, with his young friend at his side, unperturbed, and teaches us all a lesson as he looks at an inchworm creeping along a flower on the ground near the school: Learning academics is important, but not important enough to miss participating in the beauty of life happening all around us.

What is the beauty of life? It is the ordinary that can be overlooked for what it is! To smile at a friend, show courtesy to someone we do not know, to sit awhile and tell stories--those are just part of the beautiful ordinary moments of life I hope to not miss out on.

Sometimes I feel like I am Danny Kaye as Hans, playing out this role in my own life. I try, in my own way, to show other families with this blog, Inchworm Chronicles, that life is beautiful! We can learn the things we need in order to live a full life, an abundant life, and share that learning with our children.

Guess what? It doesn't take a master's degree or a complicated curriculum or strict schedules or methods to do so. We can, as parents, share this discovery of how to make a worthwhile life with our kids through home educating them. We can be our real selves with them. We can live life right alongside each other. It really is beautiful! And it is so worth the effort.

Even if the effort made is to take the time to  s l o w   d o w n  and enjoy nature or tell a few stories.

Here is a page with wonderful ideas that gives one a good mental picture of what living a "real life" looks like. I find that as I keep these things in mind, as a focus for our home education, it helps me to weed out the things that do not get us to this goal. It also helps me to recognize that what we do each day counts, as far as education is concerned.

Real Life Learning

What are some of the ordinary, daily beauties that inspire you? What would you have missed today if you had not taken the time to look carefully around you, in your real life?

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P.S.  Update 5/22: Michelle Barone is hosting a FREE online Unschooling Summit this week and next.

You can sign up to listen in each day online here:   { Unschooling Summit }

I have listened today and yesterday and the speakers have been fantastic!

From her website:

Whether you are an experienced “unschooler,” a current homeschooler or you are eager to try a new approach to learning for your child, this summit provides information and guidance for parents who:
  • Realize the education paradigm has shifted and that children need more than rigid or ‘pigeonholed’ curriculums for real-world success.
  • Desire to educate and empower their whole child—mind, body and spirit.
  • Want to learn the differences between ‘unschooling’ and traditional ‘home-schooling’.
  • Long to expose their children to more experiences and opportunities not afforded by ‘traditional’ education.
  • Want a closer, deeper, heart-centered relationship with their children and be fully present as they move through the milestones of their lives.


  1. Love this! I was just talking to some one recently about how I can learn from unschoolers to relax a little lol but I do try to make use of this real life moments in general to be fair to myself lol! Today she talked about setting up her own blog (again) so I actually helped her:) still a work in progress ...but I realized this is real life learning.....think of all the things she would learn through this....!

  2. That's a perfect example of real life learning. When you think about it, what is our education preparing us for? (Or our children?) Real life! So, doing what we do in our real lives now is only preparing us for the real life will live in the future, too. It's all connected. Thanks for sharing :-)


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)