Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Look like a big bowl of weirdness?

Yeah, well, it does, huh! 
It may not make the prettiest food photo on a blog, but, boy, does it taste fine!

I've been enjoying easy pasta dishes lately. I made up a big pot of angel hair pasta this week and keep it in the fridge for a few days. Kind of reminds me of the never ending pasta pot from the children's book, Strega Nona.  :-)

What to do with all the pasta? I warm it on the stove with butter and olive oil, fresh herbs from the garden (like parsley in this one), lemon zest from a bunch of lemons from Costco I needed to use up,  and then whatever else that I have around. A few nights ago, that was leftover baked salmon and steamed asparagus tips. MMMmmmmmm!

For this bowl of pasta goodness, I added sliced kalamata olives, chopped fresh tomato, and lovely purple steamed beets with a twist of fresh black pepper over it all. Oh, let me tell you...I am so crazy for beets--so tender, sweet and earthy! You could grate some parmesan over this and throw on some pine nuts to finish, but I skipped that step this time and just dug in. So yummy and easy. Took about 5 minutes to pull together. 

What are some of your favorite, quick dishes you are liking right now? 
Or do you just skip the meal and go straight for the ice cream like me sometimes?   :-)

(I did mention I am 8 1/2 months pregnant, right?)

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  1. Well, I'm attempting to lose some weight (SIGH) so my go to meals have been chicken breast and veggies. So far I've popped in chicken breast and veggies (and a some broth) in the Crock Pot. Easy and yummy!

    (I would loovvvve some pasta!)



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