Thursday, April 12, 2012

Garden Update: Spring is Heating Up!

The temps are in the 80's this week around here. It's getting quite warm!

The pomegranate tree is blossoming...


The potato plants have grown taller and needed more straw mulch and the blueberry bushes are leafing out more and received more fertilizer. These projects make good two-person, parent / child opportunities to work on together. My oldest worked with me on fertilizing and mulching and watering these plants. It was a good opportunity to pick up some life skills and learning for him. And to take a break from computer games for a moment ;-)


The flowers in the hanging baskets are blooming more and growing fuller. I think I may add some more's a race to garden more before the baby arrives. We'll see who or baby! (It's another 3 or so weeks until Due-Date-Day)


We've got the kiddie pool out and the kids have had fun sliding into it while I watch and sip my lemon-water in the shade of the umbrella. They had fun filling up small buckets with the water and washing the chalk drawings off the patio and dumping more water on the herb garden. And each other! 

Now, if only summertime would just stay in the 80's, we'd be set! (Oh, wishful thinking!)

What's new around your place? Been doing anything fun lately?

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  1. Wow, three weeks to go! All the best as you countdown and hope it doesn't get to hot for your sake! We've had the mildest summer in 20 years here!


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