Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Few Things Lately...

Making a circle of trains. Our little lady is getting to be so big!
{Thanks to a special someone who sent these our way :-) }


I'll be nursing a little one again in just four weeks or so.
Isn't this burp cloth cute? {Do you call these things by another name?}


Mmmm...lemon cake with lemon buttercream frosting. I had a ton of fun baking one day when my cute hubby was out of town for work meetings.

It's a birthday cake for our new baby (well, for us to celebrate his or her birth).

It's sitting, well-wrapped, in the freezer, waiting to be thawed when the baby is born. It's a fun thing I did before our third son was born, too. His cake was chocolate-chocolate. And the big brothers stuck Star Wars character toys all over it and then got to keep them to play with!

Cake makes good memories great :-)


Blanket forts, made by Daddy {extra special}


Watching favorite shows on the iPad


After playing quite a bit of the game and watching a few "Minecraft in real life" videos on YouTube, the boys set out to build a Minecraft bench in real life using landscaping bricks.

Here they are, pleased with their hard work, taking a break mid-project.


My oldest took this photo with the phone. He was so happy! I think they did great, don't you?


Happy March to you and yours :-)


  1. Lovely way to catch up (with pics). Btw I think what you call a "burp cloth" we call a "bib" here:)

  2. Oh, we have bibs, too (fasten at the neck). I guess I could have shown the top of the cloth, then it would have been clearer.

  3. We call that a Bib here is Australia too. Its a very very cute one though:)

  4. Hi, Jessica. Thanks for reading and commenting.

    So, Aussies, what do what do you call the piece of cloth you put on your shoulder to catch baby spit-up or drool? Curious ;-)

  5. hmm, not really sure, its been a while since my dd was a baby:) I didn't have one of those anyway lol! (whatever it's called):)


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