Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dad goes to Bangalore, India

I have not blogged very much about what my husband does for work. I thought it was about time I included something about that!

He works as a gaming / platform evangelist  for Adobe. He travels monthly for meetings and conferences, between his work at home. Every once in a while, he will travel internationally.

He flew to Bangalore, India in the end of July 2011 for a tech conference for work. Here are some highlights from photos he sent our way. We missed him a lot but enjoyed talking to him over Skype.

The hotel he stayed at...

Nothin' like Indian food in India! Mmmm....
......that would have been worth the trip!

McD's 'the menu'...
....that 'happy price' menu looks pretty tempting...(grin)

A short video of a taxi drive through the city...

After 10 days, he was happy to be home again, safe and sound, and I was glad to have my husband and the kids their daddy back! The kids were also excited to see the kinds of candy bars he brought home :-) What an adventure for him--he enjoyed his work there and his ventures sight seeing.


  1. How cool! I would LOVE to eat Indian food in India....Thank goodness for Skype!

  2. I am coming to this SO late! hmmm that food does look yummy lol! and I must say the drive in the taxi was pretty civilised and not so scary as compared to some other parts of India! :)


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