Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine's Day

I enjoy the change of seasons and moving from one holiday to the next, not only because it marks the time we spend together (life is not a blend of laundry-dishes-etc routine), and is a great excuse to spend $2.50 on pink kitchen towels in the Dollar aisle at Target, but that it also offers us a chance to make unique family memories.

This year, we celebrated simply, what with my husband's schedule for work being more demanding at present and me being more tired from caring for the children and household and expecting a baby.

I took my two youngest children with me earlier in the day to deliver some goodies and cards to my parents and sister (still have one sister to go--late candy is always eatable, right? lol) We had fun with cousin visitors and eating candy they shared with us (and had fun with the cards and goodies another set of cousins sent a few days later, thanks-to-you-know-who-you-are!) On the evening of Valentine's, my sweet husband drove us all to get sandwiches and chips from a favorite place of ours, which we then drove home and ate them together at the dining table, along with some sliced strawberries.

I made sure to do something nice for my hubby, because even though he doesn't show a lot of enthusiasm for those kinds of things like candy and a nice card, I know he still likes them.  :-)   His hugs and being able to spend time with him are the best gifts I could ask for. Oh, and he's been converting all our family videos of the last 10 years to DVD, which I called the Best Impromptu Gift Ever.

Watching those DVDs so I can label them correctly has given the kids a chance to see Dad and I when we were newlyweds and when we just had one baby. We've had fun laughing at each other and watching how our family has grown. That's a gift right there! Both the reminiscing and the laughing. Everyone has been more loving, and I think watching these DVDs has been a part of remembering we all have something pretty special together.

The day after the official V-Day, and the day after that!, we actually did a few more organized things, like play a few rounds of Don't Eat Pete with candy hearts and ate chocolate while I read a book or two out loud. Candy is always fun. The kids really liked the book about monsters making valentine's for each other and how even though they were different, they could be friends.

I also read a book about Martin L. King Jr. (February is National Black History Month, after all) and talked to the kids about the Jim Crow laws and how many people worked hard to change things so black people had equal share in the rights white people already had. This led to talking about how we can be friends with anyone, even if we look different than each other. I think the kids actually already have that down pat--usually it's adults who need to learn and re-learn this lesson! We talked about God's love and how He loves all people, and how He loves the kids a lot, and how Mom and Dad love them, too!

I mentally checked off "one meaningful teaching moment" on my Mom List in my brain ;-)
Good moments this week.

Happy LOVE Day / Week / Month from our family to yours !


  1. Sounds lovely:) life is full of meaningful teaching moments when we homeschool isn't it! That's one of my favorite parts about homeschooling. Converting videos to DVDs , now we need to seriously work on that here. We do still have a video player and we are planning on showing dd our wedding video soon and probably laugh heaps at the nineties fashions :)

  2. A perfect day! Good for you! How are you feeling? My fifth was a killer. LOL. Of course I was A LOT older than you are!

  3. Meaningful teaching moments, yes, I like that. 90's fashions, LoL, that would be fun to see.

  4. Well, don't know much about perfection, but I will take all the good moments that come, just as they are. Hope you and yours had a nice V Day, too.

    The pregnancy is going smoothly (well, you know, besides all the normal aches pains and nausea of various stages...) Just went to our first ultrasound for this little growing baby this week-- I love seeing him or her kicking and moving. It's getting to feel more "real" by the day and I am glad to say I am enjoying this stage very much.


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