Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Day at School

Did that title draw you in, just a little?  (wink! wink!)

I have talked quite a bit about why we home educate, how we do so, and what we like about it, but I would like to mention that I do respect and appreciate what teachers and staff at schools do for the young people they interact with on a daily basis. Many teachers were positive influences on me throughout the time I spent in classrooms for 12 or so years, and I continue to admire those who work so hard to benefit young people who are learning within schools. While my husband and I have chosen another path for our family, I do recognize that for many families, school is working well for them and their children.

Several family members of mine and my husband's are in the teaching profession. My Dad is a drafting teacher at the local middle school and is close to retirement. He told me last week about his classes' recent project building bridges using Popsicle sticks and hot glue guns and it reminded me of my boys. Do your kids like to build things with glue and sticks? My oldest sure does.

When my Dad told me they would be testing the bridges this week to see how strong they were under pressure, I knew it would be a blast to visit and watch. He kindly agreed and today my two oldest sons and I attended one of his classes.

Can you spot the bridge testing apparatus in the background?

The three of them together. Little guy in the middle is trying "not to smile". Goofy guy :-)

The kids liked seeing the bridges. Did you know little bridges made of thin wooden sticks can withstand at least 90 pounds of pressure? We learned something new! It was their first time inside of a school, which was a fun first for all of us. The fun part was signing into the front office where we were issued sticky name tags with our photos on the front. The boys laughed a lot trying to take silly photos!

Of course the 6th graders in the class were curious about us visiting at first and several of the boy students came over and shook our hands or gave us high 5's. Very nice of them. After the class ended, the boys' Grandpa thoughtfully let them choose a candy bar from the prize winner's box. (He awarded the teams with the strongest bridges with candy bars.) The boys really liked that part! Overall, a neat little visit today. Thanks, Dad!


  1. Oh how cool! So what did your boys think of traditional school?

  2. Haha, funny you should ask, actually. I asked them that day what they thought, and my 7 year old said he liked school because he got to see his Grandpa and get a candy bar! If only that could happen everyday in school, right? ;-)

  3. Lol! Yes if only they could :)


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