Wednesday, February 29, 2012

In the Garden

Don't you just love the scent and sight of growing things? 

In our corner of the desert, 
I have little spots in the front yard that brighten the day.
I love to take my meal and eat outside while the kids play
or have little helping hands take a turn watering the garden.

Small blessings, big happiness!

The hanging basket of petunias and alyssum that I just planted. 
There are three across our front windows.


These cute markers where I sowed seeds earlier this month 
were made by my nieces and me. Very fun and cheery!


I'm so pleased the blueberry bushes are doing so well. 
They'll produce berries next year.


Lavender, lemon verbena, chamomile, and lots of parsley 
are just a few of the kinds of herbs in the garden, also recently planted. 
I can hardly wait to start using these in my cooking!


Where are your favorite spots in your garden or yard? 

What is it about nature that soothes your soul?


  1. Lol I am not a gardener so can't answer your question:) I do enjoy looking at other peoples gardens though:) love the cute little sign you made!

  2. I think you answered pretty well, for not being a gardener ;-)

    Even before I planted a few things in my yard, I used to walk by this lively front garden in my neighborhood and even snuck a photo or three. In springtime, this garden, and I mean the WHOLE thing, was bursting with bright colors: yellow, pink, blues, and white. It was just a joy to catch a glimpse of.

    To me, that is the joy and sheer pleasure of nature, whether it happens on it's own, like a bee buzzing over clump of wildflowers or a tree in bloom, or is helped along, as in a garden.

    Appreciating what is right before us, drinking in the beauty, or just soaking in the feeling of being surrounded by living things...Maybe I am a bit of a nature nut, or maybe it's just the spring in the air where I live, :-)


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)