Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I love Home Ed ! !


Were you expecting me to complain about having my kids around all. of. the. time. ??? or that I feel trapped and can't escape the burden of my kids' education ??? or how annoying it can be when random people offer me advice on how to teach my kids or ask me why they don't know X yet ???

Nah. Not me. No complaints here.

Just as children are a blessing, home education is, as well.
(Of course I would say that. You're getting to know me pretty well by now, right?)

Home education does have it's drawbacks, I will admit, like a perpetually busy household and a house that never stays clean longer than 5 minutes. Sure, that could describe any family with little ones, but it's a tad different when the kids are almost always at home, and you are spending time with them, not cleaning up after them all the time.

There are definitely challenges to having little children home during the day when my husband has a phone meeting that he needs absolute quiet for. (Quiet? What's that?) Luckily, he's as much "for" this lifestyle as me, so we find ways to make it work.

But there are so many positives about home ed. that I just have to shout, "Hooray!"

Happily, sometimes those "random people" offering advice turn out to be public school teachers cleaning out their closets and offer me great supplies!

Life is not lonely or boring, and it is so fun to share this life with our extended family and friends...we love you wonderful people!! So even being busy is okay, especially with built-in quiet times for resting.

Someday, like in 100 years, my floor will not have dirt-catching juice splotches that never fully disappear or handprints and toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror, even after I clean it twice a day.  But this also gives the kids more opportunities to pitch in and help around the house, which they do and are improving in all the time as they grow.

It's all good. Days with lots of little ones and the messes created and all the needs that must be filled right now (!) only last a short time, in the long-term perspective of life.

What do we get in exchange for our effort and time, by keeping our children around us? Memories and experiences with each other that we can have forever, just for starters.

And so much more...

A special trip to Disneyland in September...less crowded during "school hours"!

  • We get to cook together, whether that's breakfast, lunch or dinner.
  • The kids are learning to get/make their own food throughout the day. Great life skill!
  • I get to do fun stuff during the day, like take walks or go places with them, or garden. No school pick-ups to interrupt what the little ones and I are doing.
  • It's easy to include the kids in my interests, like baking, sewing, gardening, and bargain shopping--or my husband's, like hiking, playing games, or cooking. It also works the other way 'round; since we don't have homework and school schedules and meetings to juggle or projects to work on, the things they do already fit into our everyday lives. That might be my 4 year old teaching me how to play a video game, or my oldest and I watching an episode of the show "Cake Boss" together, or Dad playing a favorite game with our 7 year old guy. The kids' interests consistently provide a springboard for further learning. Awesome!
  • We can spend time with Dad when he is available; great for a flexible lifestyle.
  • I get to be there for most of their "firsts": first book read, first weeks with a new sibling, first questions about math or first science experiment they get into (vinegar and baking soda)......I love that!
  • We all stay well more often, especially during cold and flu season. We don't have three children going off to three different classrooms every day for 5 days every week to be exposed to 25 other kids' germs, then bringing them home to us or a new baby. Because we are home, when someone is ill, they have all the time they need to get well, as well as people around to help care for them. Another bonus for us: no sick days or make-up work to worry about.

    Okay, okay...Mom loves life without school... 

    but what do the kids have to say??

    Keep in mind, they've never attended school.

    Here's their take, in their own words:

    Oldest son, 9 years old:

    "Making friends."

    "Having fun, like Legos and Bionicles and stuff."

    "Friends." (can you tell someone is a social butterfly?)

    "No mean teachers."

    Second oldest son, 7 years old:

    "Getting toys."

    "It saves me time so I can play my video games."

    "I like playing with Ninjagos."


    Stay tuned as I continue this topic in another post...

    { You can read the second part of this post HERE }


    1. I think it's so great you are enjoying and succeeding at home schooling so well! You're an inspiration. :) Thanks for your comment on my blog too! How is your pregnancy coming along? You're looking good! (I saw a pic of you in a previous post.) Definitely try to playdough recipe! Even though it causes mess, it's worth it. :) Your kids remind me of my own as well! It's very refreshing to see others in a similar phase of life. Keep up the good work with your homeschooling!

    2. Sherry, you are so kind. Thanks for your encouragement, and I wish you a great day with your little ones, too. :-)


    Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)