Saturday, January 21, 2012

Seven is Super!

Our second oldest guy turned 7 this month!

He had a great time seeking out his 7 gifts the morning of his birthday. He requested we make a map to help him locate the hidden gifts; he had a fun time with that. We celebrated later with family members with cake and games and sang him "Happy Birthday". He ordered foam swords for one of his gifts. These guys and their weapons!

He loves hanging out with his best buddy, his Dad.


He likes to create, whether it's Bionicles, Lego, or video games. He loves his uncles--he called one to ask questions about how to create something on a game he was playing.


He likes to bake and help in the kitchen.


He is tender and nurturing. He loves babies! He's a very genuinely sweet person.

(tending to a cousin)

Happy Birthday, Kiddo!!  We love you!


  1. Yes seven is super! Happy birthday to your lovely son!

  2. Thanks, Rosemary! Time flies by, for sure, can hardly believe he is 7.


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