Sunday, December 18, 2011

December's Fun in Pictures

The oldest two boys visited their Grandma at her home in Utah for a few days.
They had a blast with Grandma and their uncle!

 Our second oldest asked to make balloon creations. 
This is him trying out the blue "boy fairy" wings he requested. 
It turns out balloon modeling is not as easy as the book makes it look!



Block tower building! 
Dad and our sons had a great time this month building various towers. 
This one just below was the very highest.



Our oldest played the recorder in the homeschool co-op's end-of-term program. 
He played "Deck the Halls" and two other songs. 
You can listen by clicking HERE. :-)
He was really happy to participate in the program!


I and my co-teacher taught a creativity class at the once-a-week co-op. 
The finale was a compilation of stop motion videos the kids made in the class. 
Click HERE to view and see what the kids came up with (ages 6-10).

We are enjoying the quiet family moments during the Christmas season. 
Hope you are, too!


Merry Christmas, friends!

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