Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween Highlights 2011

Two little lady bug cousins playing with blocks. Aren't the wings cute? That's my sister's handiwork!


This year, because our family had already had two bouts of illness, I was not keen on any more due to sugar / candy overload. Instead of trick or treating, my husband took our oldest two children to our church's trunk or treat / chili dinner the Saturday before Halloween. The boys had fun wearing costumes, the oldest a hunter with his new toy rifle and his younger brother a spider. They kept some candy to eat that night and the rest disappeared. (I couldn't tell you where...but some of it mysteriously reappeared in Daddy's office later....)

On Halloween night, we handed out little bags of pretzels (yes, favorite house on the block this year lol), and I invited my sister and her husband and their three children over for dinner and a kid party. After a few games for the kids, my brothers came over and the guys played a board game. It was a fun evening and happy memories were made together.

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (nicknamed 'Mormon'), sometimes people ask me about whether we celebrate Halloween or not.

I would hesitate to say we 'celebrate' it, as we do Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving. As a family, we choose parts of it to have fun with, and leave others alone. For instance, our kids enjoy dressing up in lots of costumes throughout October (we have a costume chest available year-round), they like the parties and treats (which I keep to a can too easily be overload and to me, that ruins the fun), we put up a big spider web with a toy spider and bugs and a paper skeleton for decoration (great opportunity to talk about science together!), and that's pretty much it. We don't go in for the spooky factor.

For a more in depth look, and a very good explanation, of how some other 'Mormons' approach the Halloween holiday, stop by There are some fun pictures there at the link I included.


How does your family make the fall season special? 
Are there fun traditions you keep in your family?


  1. We don't do halloween at all. Australia is getting into it slowly with US influence over the years but it's still not very big at all here.

  2. I feel a bit envious, Rosemary. Halloween is such a huge industry in the U.S., oops, I mean "holiday" ;-), LOL, it's hard to avoid entirely.

    It's a great time of year to hang a harvest wreath, though.


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