Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Little Lady's Trip to the Dentist


Baby Girl has had quite a week so far. She has a double ear infection from the cough and cold she has had, and medicine to help her heal as of yesterday's doctor appointment.

She had to have two teeth extracted and two fillings done today, with a baby crown to be done later in December. Dad took the iPad so she could watch her favorite movie, Winnie the Pooh, while the dentist worked--baby sat on her Daddy's lap the whole time and did very well.

She's relaxing on the couch at home now watching Signing Time on TV and just ate a banana. I am amazed at how calm she is about the whole thing. She is a real little trooper!

Here she is checking her baby doll's ears with our home otoscope a few days ago. She's had plenty of practice having her ears checked this week. She decided it's her turn to do the checking!



  1. oh wow! why did she have to have her teeth extracted so young? sorry you don't have to share if you don't want to, just curious:) poor thing!

  2. Yes, she is definitely young for needing that much work--the youngest of any of our brood, in fact, which is why it's thrown me for such a loop. None of the other kids had so many cavities, let alone at such a young age. The bright side is that the dentist we have is so wonderful and really good with little ones and the work was able to be done in her office without too many drugs.


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