Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Few Things Lately...


Second-boy-in-command checks on the toad, above. He likes to feed the lizards and help clean out the toad's "house" with his Daddy. Hands-on biology! And a special way for him and Dad to spend time.


Daddy's been helping to feed the kids as my morning sickness for this pregnancy prevents me from cooking much of the time. Did you know that kids do not eat 3 times a day? The number is closer to 24, I think. Haha. There have been many cereal-and-milk meals around here lately!

As long as I eat protein and whatever foods help me feel good, the nausea has not been overwhelming. The difficulty is finding the kinds of food that help me feel good!

"And now, folks, it's time for another round of 'Once You Eat That Food, You Cannot Eat it Again!'"

That would be the most boring game show in history! 

Mmmmm, a snack of almond butter and sliced banana on a sweet rice cake. It's foods like this that sustained me and did not make me feel (more) ill. Other popular food (that I was able to repeat): scrambled eggs, rice crackers and hummus, warm miso soup or chicken broth, apples and nut butter, and fruit/spinach smoothies.

What? The last one sounds gross? Oh, you are missing out! No, really! A small handful of baby spinach thrown in the blender with a banana, rice milk, ice cubes, and either berries or peanut butter / chocolate powder and a little honey is delish and you can't tell there is spinach in there at all!

Remedies that really worked well for me and helped me to get through the very queasiest of queasy moments were ginger root tincture (I felt better within minutes, but would need to take another dose in a while) and vitamin B6, 50 mg. twice daily. Now you know my secrets to surviving morning sickness!

I still have rested in bed much of the day over the past 13 weeks due to exhaustion, typical in the first 3 months of my pregnancies. I think in about one or two weeks, I will be feeling better and look forward to feeling the return to "life as usual" and being able to eat, play with the kids and go places again, maybe just a little more than we have been. That will be nice!

I am grateful for the family members who have helped us by having the children over to their houses to allow me and my husband to get the rest we need, from time-to-time. Family can be a blessing in times of need!

Much of the time, though, the kids found ways to keep themselves occupied pretty well. Some days included lots of this:


And we even survived two out-of-town trips when my husband went to the Adobe Max and Blackberry conferences this month, during which we had a bout of sickness at home.

Poor little guy. He's resting after being sick all night long.

Have I ever mentioned how much I admire my husband? He often encourages me, even when he has more responsibilities at home due to me feeling sick and tired, and still manages to keep up with his career. He can light up a room when he returns from his work trips, with treats and surprises for the kids, and often sits down and watches a show with them or playfully wrestles--they love and miss him him when he is away. We are blessed to have such a dedicated man in our lives, who loves us all and looks for ways to serve us. We love to take care of him. God bless dedicated Dads and Husbands everywhere!

The Lord is good and His strength and love sustains me when the difficult moments come. There are plenty of times in the day and past weeks that have been difficult, but as our oldest son has been saying in his prayers, I am "grateful we can be on earth and living life."

Here's to enjoying the beautiful Fall weather this week and hoping for some peaceful days ahead.


  1. oh yea, I remember that first trimester very well and how exhausted and nauseous I felt! Thank God for supportive husbands!

  2. Hi, Rosemary. Yep, they are a blessing aren't they? Hope you are well and getting more nature study time in.

  3. he he:) yes we're trying with our nature study:) work in progress:)


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