Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Snapshots of JOY!

Busy, busy over here! Only time to post a few photos...

Garden hose games at dusk.

iCe CrEaM ! ! !

Patio parties are the best--and easy to hose off afterward!

Camping near Gold Butte, Nevada in June....
She didn't mind rolling and face-planting in the fine desert sand one bit!

Hope your summer is going swell, too!


  1. Hi Eve thanks for popping in at my blog! Good to meet someone else with similar aged children.

  2. Likewise, Nikki!

  3. Great photos so full of fun and joy! Thanks for sharing on NOBH!

  4. Looks like lots of fun! Love the patio party/hose 'em off idea. :)


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