Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Solution for Active Modest Swimwear

I have a list of retailers on the Homemaking page of my blog under Modesty, many whom are mothers themselves, who sell wonderful swimwear that is both good-looking and truly modest.

Last season I was in need of a new suit. However, the prices for many modest swimsuits are a bit higher than the regular suits I find in stores and it would take a long time for me to save up for a nice $70-$90+ suit. These HydroChic suits are awesome! Until then, I needed another solution.

I spent a lot of time around pools as a lifeguard and as a competitive swimmer when I was a teen and I still enjoy swimming for exercise. Functionality is important to me in whatever suit I choose because I like to be active. I was considering a modest suit solution last summer and while browsing in the athletic wear section at the local Marshall's discount department store, I came upon what I feel is a great idea and what a blessing it was for me!

This is a workout top and shorts. The shorts stay on with a reliable draw-string waist. There are snugger shorts sewn in underneath the outer shorts, so they stay in place and keep me covered while swimming. I wear a coordinating sports bra underneath the nice long top and it gives me the support I need. Oh...and it's pretty easy to nurse a baby in, too.

I like this suit. I feel covered and confident and I don't feel like I stick out that much at the pool, either because too much skin is showing or because my swimsuit is that much different than those around me. 

Though there is a gap between the shorts and top in the photo, when it is on, there is plenty of coverage. I like how long athletic tops are these days. It would be nice if more suits had that kind of coverage! I know one Mom who wears a rash guard top and shorts over her suit mainly for sun protection and also for modesty. Great idea there!

I was so happy to finally have a suit that doesn't have to be tugged to cover certain areas or worry about anything showing that shouldn't be. (I have a few stories of ripped bottoms or too-high cut suits in my this was a major relief for me!! No more embarrassing pool stories, I hope!) It really makes trips to the pool for a long swim or with my kids easier--at least I can swim and chase my kiddos in comfort.

One note about the fabric of each piece: It is basically similar to the fabric you find in swimwear, so it maintains its shape fine for me. I have worn it one season and have worn it again as this summer season starts. I always rinse it with water and dry it after each use and often throw it in a cold wash and hang dry so the chlorine doesn't sit in it for long. It has lasted very well in chlorinated pools and I see it will last at least one more summer season.

And now, what is the cost of the whole swim outfit? $40. Oh, yeah! That number is affordable to me right now.

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The Modest Mom shared her list of modest swimwear retailers, and it's very comprehensive.

What modest swimwear solutions work for you? Do you have any ideas or resources you think need to be shared with other women and men? Leave a comment below and spread the word!

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  1. What a great inexpensive solution! I haven't been swimming in years, but I'd love to be able to enjoy the water once again. Thanks for a creative out-of-the-box solution that has given me something to think about.

  2. Hi! Glad you liked it! Thanks for the comment...and hope you get to spend a little time swimming soon!

  3. Super! Thanks for the post. Great idea, too. My daughters also like using water polo suits. they have very high necklines and backs, and are very durable and thick. I quite like them. And if the water polo suit doesn't come with "shorts legs" then we can wear shorts over top. Thanks!

    1. Great tip about the water polo suits! Thanks for visiting!


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