Saturday, June 4, 2011

My New Boba Baby Carrier!

If the post title ends with an exclamation point, ya'll already know I'm excited!

I love babywearing. I have carried my babies around while cooking or running errands or at the park since my oldest was a baby. It lets me get things done and soothes and entertains them at the same time. Gotta love that! They are just happier when Mom or Dad carries them. In our home, there is a place for the stroller, but the carrier is an invaluable tool in our parenting toolbelt.

In our family, we have used ring slings, wraps, pocket/pouch style slings, and the ERGObaby carrier during the last 6-8 years. I have had my eye on the Boba baby carrier for about 2 years, ever since I saw a banner ad for it on the forums. The features I get excited about is the extra fabric for added height and width on the portion of the carrier that support the child's back and the footstraps for the older toddler's feet to rest, instead of letting them dangle. Since my husband and I use this style of carrier exclusively with our older babies and toddlers, I was very interested in the added fabric feature because it would fix the problem I experience with the ERGObaby carrier, in which the carrier does not come up quite high enough on the child's back, causing a feeling like the child is leaning back or about to fall out. This then causes the adult wearer to compensate and hunch forward, causing poor posture and strain on the shoulders.

Recently, I saw a review on The Modest Mom's blog and that got me really thinking...I need to try this carrier out. I purchased a classic Boba 2G and tried it on with my 20 pound, 18 month old daughter.


I am very happy. After a week or so of wearing it frequently, I notice I do stand up straighter in it and no longer experience the "hunch over" effect as I did with the ERGObaby carrier.


In fact, my stomach and back muscles were just slightly sore the first few day I wore it because my posture was better than normal and those muscles were getting a good workout. Now, that's what I call a good carrier! After the initial few days, the soreness went away and my muscles were adjusted to the carrier. My daughter feels more secure in it, too, which is so important. She doesn't need the footstraps yet, but I discovered they come in very handy at the park or when we are hiking as water bottle holders. I just velcro in the handle of the bottle and it's portable! VERY handy!


The only problem I have with the carrier is that since I am a little taller and longer in the torso, I wish the shoulder straps and padding were about 1 1/2" longer as they do dig in a bit and the chest strap barely extended to where I need it, which is over my chest and not at my neck. If those things could be fixed, I would give this carrier a 100% positive review. As it is, the carrier works very well and the fit is mostly comfortable.

We still like and will continue to use our ERGObaby carrier, especially for babies ages 6-15 months, and all the other soft carriers work well for newborns to about 6 months of age, but I can see the Boba will be my go-to carrier for my daughter from now on until she grows out of it.

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Disclaimer: This review was posted just for fun and because I really find this product useful and want other to know about it. 
I received no compensation for this post. :-)


  1. Hi Eve! I love your blog! I just have a question about baby wearing. I have only used a ring-sling, very sparingly with my kids. I can't afford another type of carrier right now, but I'm interested. Anyway, my question is whether your kids ALWAYS have to be held if they are carried a lot. My 3 month old hates being in her car seat whenever we go somewhere, and I wonder if it's because I hold/carry her so much. Have you had a problem with your kids not wanting to be in their car seats?


  2. So, now that baby is asleep (yay!) I'll clarify my predicament. I think as a combination of baby being born at home & the possibility that she's my last baby, I hold her tons more than I did with my boys. So, I love the babywearing idea. I hope to be able to invest in a good carrier. So in the mean time, I'm trying to use the sling more. It's just the carseat that's a problem because she hates being in it. Just wondering if you ever had a problem with it. Thanks Eve!

  3. Hi, Becca! Thanks for stopping by; I'm glad to know you like the blog! First of all, congratulations on your newest child. Aren't girls great!?
    Now, about carriers-yes, some can be pricey. I was lucky enough to be able to sell one I no longer needed to buy the Boba. But a wrap carrier is easy to sew (one straight line) and inexpensive when homemade. There are lots of free patterns online. That might be a good option if you find the ring sling tricky to use or when baby grows big enough for you to need a carrier that goes on both shoulders to distribute her weight evenly.
    Your question about the carseat is a good one. Since the desire to be held and be near people is a need (for babies, just as for adults), once the need is filled (by holding the baby), they grow and are able to become independent when they are ready. Sometimes when a baby is teething or feeling more needy one day, they may need to be held more than usual (enlist Dad if needed! Moms need breaks too), but you will find that extra need passes and they will be happier. This is what we have found to be true as we have raised our children. As far as how often I 'wear'/carry my babies. They usually enjoy snuggling in a soft carrier from newborn to 3 months, maybe an hour or so a day as I do dishes, take a walk, help the older kids. Laying on the floor with toys at about 2-5 months, and they want to be held more when ill or teething, but happy when they learn to crawl and are off on their own. As a toddler, our daughter needs to be held sometimes in the morning near naptime (falls asleep on my back) and sometimes in the afternoon, but enjoys playing around the house with her bros. I often wear her when out and about, but do use a stroller, too (like when we are at the library).
    Some of my babies (our daughter) never cried in the car seat. I think the soft sheepskin lining made a difference for our last child; those seats can be pretty hard! She was happy going in, slept often and liked watching her siblings. Fortunate, I know.

    Our oldest son was a carseat crier, though. He just didn't want to be in it--he would rather have a soft lap and arms to hold him. We tried to offer him a pacifier and he spit it out. I often sat in the backseat near him to help him feel less lonely. On very long car trips, I even leant over to nurse him with my lap belt on. That helped when we had a long stretch to go and couldn't stop the car. He just cried a lot while we were enroute somewhere. However, after a few months, he did adjust and things got better. BUT he was a handfull as a 2 year old letting me put on his belt. I tried everything I could to help him accept the car seat, but in the end he just had to be in it and I had to be patient with him. The good news is kids grow up and now he is 8 and no carseat problems! Hang in there--it gets better! :-)

  4. Eve, I love your blog. I haven't blogged in so long and you make me realize how much I miss it. The more I get to know you the more I admire you. You're amazing! I'm lucky to have you as a friend and hope I can learn lots more from you.

  5. Hi, Mindy! Thanks for visiting the blog, and thank you for such a nice compliment! The feeling is quite mutual. I just clicked over and checkout out your cake blog. Wow! Do you have talent or what! That is amazing! Those cupcakes look really yummy...

  6. Thanks Eve! It really helps having awsome mom friends like you. You make parenting seem so easy. Don't we wish though? lol.

    And yes, girls really are wonderful. She was worth the wait!

  7. Thanks for linking up to the NOBH. I am now following back. When mine were little i could have used one of these:)

  8. Hi! Thanks for stopping and saying'hi'; I am excited to be a part of No Ordinary Blog Hop!

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