Monday, June 6, 2011

A Few Things Lately...

Playing at his Aunt's house...feeding the baby pony.
Glad he is feeling better. He had a seizure Sunday but is doing fine now. He has unexplained seizures every few years that can last about 20 minutes at a time. Other than this, he is healthy.And very normal, teasing his brothers and having lots of fun with his friends.
Oh, yeah! She loves singing right into this microphone!

The backyard fort is taking shape! There will be look out towers.
Enjoying seeing our dreams and plans coming together.
Fort-building is rubbing off on our oldest, who thinks hammering on the glass table is a good idea. (Yes, he was re-directed :-)
Handsome Husband/Daddy tries his hand at making Naan.

Yes, they indeed do!

Looking at that painting I made for my niece's birthday a few years ago...Seeing it makes me want to pull out my paints again soon! We'll see....there are still a few more things that people who need attention first...


  1. I didn't know he had seizures! How scary! I'd be a wreck, since we obviously over react to bumps on the head! lol. I hope they figure it out soon.

  2. Yes, it was really scary when he was 3. We are starting to get a little more used to this. Thanks for your kind words.


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