Monday, June 20, 2011


Would you like to meet them?


They are my crust cutters and butter spreaders.

We were making grilled cheese sandwiches.


Our 6 year old little guy helped Mom make a pan of manicotti for lunch today for the whole family. It was an easy enough recipe to do together and he enjoyed cracking the eggs, but did not like gooey hands. He ate a few par-cooked noodles and called them "delicious!" He was so pleased to do these big jobs himself, with Mom offering instructions.

If you'd like to read my tips on cooking with kids in the kitchen, click HERE.



It doesn't have to be fancy or ultra-healthy to count.
Building skills, making memories, and enjoying our relationship:
cooking in the kitchen together as a family is terrific!

What ways do you enjoy being in the kitchen with your children? I love to hear other families' stories! If you'd like to share something that works for you here with a comment, I invite you to. It's always encouraging.


  1. cooking with kids is fun and it's building great memories besides giving them on the job training and education in maths science etc:)
    my dd and I do a lot of baking together which we enjoy. she loves measuring the ingredients and all the mixing etc.

  2. Hi! Good point about the math and science--it's totally applicable! Thanks for sharing how your daughter and you enjoy baking.


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