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7 Days in a Skirt / Spring & Summer

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See one church outfit that represented a change for me and read about about my own reasons I choose to dress modestly and with femininity.

I choose to dress this way because I recognize my body for the wonderful creation it is and cover it out of respect for myself and for the good Lord who made me. It has helped me to feel more confident, receive respect from others, but most importantly, I feel confident in my relationship with the Lord.

My next two posts on this topic will be about a nursing cover up that doubles as a cute accessory and a modest swimwear solution for the active mom. Stay tuned for those later this week!

I have been wearing skirts almost every day for about 2 months. I feel so much more feminine and motherly, and not in a frumpy kind of way. I have been surprised to find that a skirt can actually be comfortable and that any activity I have done, I have found a skirt to wear.
I like the way I feel in a skirt, and by that I also mean feeling a sense of my self as a mother and wife. It's made a difference to me, and in an empowering way.

While I do wear a pair of pants from time to time, I have become more aware of the occasional subconscious thought that in order to do important things, I have to emulate a man in some way, whether that's by dress or using more brusque tones or mannerisms. Wearing a skirt or a dress in day-to-day activities has helped me to become more aware of the unique privilege I have to be a woman. Women are very powerful for good when we put our energies into it!  Femininity matters! Being a woman has it's own privileges--not because we are better than men or subservient to them, but because of the beautiful creation that we are as women, as God designed us to be: a helpmeet.

My criteria for doing this challenge of wearing skirts daily and knowing if it was right for me included: 
  • Is it modest and feminine?
  • Do I feel comfortable in this?
  • Is this affordable?
  • Is this practical?
Almost all the pieces photographed here were purchased from local thrift stores or from discount department stores, like Marshall's. I like to look nice, but comfort is key for me and I have to be able to do my mommy-things in whatever I wear.

Now, I may dress in a skirt most often these days, but my outfits are usually more on the practical side. If you are looking for more stylishly feminine outfits, you might like these at True Femininity.

My intention is to show that all my criteria I listed were met in the following photos of outfits. Feel free to comment on what you liked or ask any questions in the comment box below.

Day 1:
Attending church? Of course, there is a skirt for that!

Wearing dresses and skirts kind of goes along with church-going, right? Here is a comfortable ensemble. Cost of top and skirt was 10 bucks at a local thrift / re-sale shop.


Day 2:
Applying a wood finish? There's a skirt for that! (Don't forget the apron!)


Lending my art-student brother a hand with a project of his.

The day was a bit breezy, but the mid-weight fabric kept the skirt from blowing around too much. I appreciated the nice drape of the cut of the skirt which allowed for ease of movement. Because the day was a little warm, the cotton blend fabric kept me cooler. Both the top and skirt were purchased from my favorite boutique, the local thrift shop, Savers. Those shops can be treasure troves--they often have things with tags still on and in practically new condition at a fraction of retail prices. (Same skirt as Day 3)

Day 3:
Sitting cross-legged on the floor, playing with the kids? There's a skirt for that!


Notice that this skirt is calf-length and has enough fabric to cover my legs nicely when I am sitting on the floor. Perfect for those of us who take care of young children!

I used to wear capri pants in this same fabric as a staple wardrobe item in the heat of the summer and I find that this skirt version is even more comfortable. The waist on the pants would always ride low and I found I was constantly tugging them back up to meet my shirt hem and cover my stomach. With a skirt with an elastic waist, I just love how it stays put right where I want it the whole day! Because this skirt's fabric is a cotton jersey knit, it looks nice with a regular t-shirt or can be paired up with a dressier shirt for another occasion.

I think this is an improvement on saggy, baggy cotton jersey knit capri pants, wouldn't you say? This skirt was a lucky bargain find at my local Saver's for under $6. (Bonus!)

Day: 3
Instead of Jeans-and-a-Tee? There's a skirt for that!


These flowy, knit skirts are so cool and comfortable, I definitely pick wearing these instead of jeans any day! I like to choose skirts that I can wear bright colored cotton-blend tees with as my personal style choice. This skirt was actually part of a dress that was too tight on the bodice. I snipped off the bodice and the no-sew skirt was born! FREE. I do wear a lightweight slip under this type of skirt, as I like to ensure the silhouette of my legs does not show underneath the lightweight fabric.

Day 4: Spending a day at the park with the kids? There's a skirt for that!

My lovely sister Beth is the 'model' for this one! We went to the park together with our kids on a windy day and her skirt worked fine, even with the gusts of wind here and there. Notice how sporty she looks with the sandals? Great look!


Day 5:
Lunch date with handsome hubby? There's a skirt for that!


  You guessed it. Both top and skirt from Savers, the thrift / re-sale shop. The outfit was under $10. I like this skirt, but when my kids sit jump on my lap, the cute tiers sometimes rip a bit. I have had to sew two small tears so far. So, I like it but it is not the greatest for wearing around my active kiddos. Perfect for holding hands with my honey over a sandwich, though!

Day 6: Got chores to get done and cleaning to do? There's a skirt for that!

I like this dress. It's very light and made from a stretchy cotton. It's made by Blissful Babes and is a button-front nursing dress! It has openings to nurse discreetly, for those who wonder what a nursing dress is. Having a dress that covers nicely and still is easy to nurse in makes taking care of my babies so much easier. (Gotta love that!) The apron is a fun vintage one I picked up from the thrift store.


Day 7:
Need a modest church dress to wear while nursing a baby? Yep, you betcha...there's a {dress} for that!



I purchased this dress at a Marshall's store about 5 years ago for $20. Cost effective, huh? It has really lasted, and not only through the years, but through some weight gains and losses as I went through two pregnancies. The fabric has a nice give, though since it is polyester, it does not breathe well and I usually only wear it when it is not very hot outside.

One neat little tip about the cross-over/wrap style bodices. They can be adapted easily for nursing. I simply pin it closed with a small safety pin pinned discreetly. This serves two functions: it closes the neckline higher so it is modest and stays closed (oh, you Moms know what I am talking about. Can we say grabby little hands at church?) It also opens easily when I want to nurse my child. I take out the pin and there's plenty of room to open the wrap top to nurse. I just need a cover-up of some sort to nurse with this style top as there is not much coverage while nursing.

 That's it! I hope you had as much fun perusing these photos as I did creating this post. Special thanks to my 8 year old son who took most of these photos.

Now it's your turn! What photos, posts, or experiences about modesty do you have to share, whether your own or someone who inspires you?

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  1. I'm following the Link-up at Amy's! Thank you for sharing! I love how you show different everyday activities in skirts! I'm not yet a skirt wearer (I'm 8mths pregnant, so I thought I'd wait till after baby arrives to start) so this is a real encouragement for me! Thank you! :)

  2. I also love this. It's so great when women embrace being feminine with confidence. ;)

  3. Hi! I just read your blog for the first time today and I really like it. I like how you have a skirt/dress for everything! :) I am just starting and trying to get to that point. I can't stand the thought of wearing pants, now! I have 2 categories, currently: homesteading skirts/dresses and going out skirts/dresses. It makes it quick and easy to get dressed in the morning. God bless!

  4. I found you through the modest mom link up. You are right, the wrap dresses are great for nursing. I own one but would love to get more- they seem to fit well and can accommodate a post baby body. I pin mine too- unless I have a nursing tank top underneath.

  5. Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

    I plan to come back and read more of your posts!

    I wrote a similar post on this topic.



  6. I like the day-by-day chronicle! Thanks for sharing. (followed from the link-up). I find that a long skirt is actually more modest than shorts when paying on the floor with the kids.

  7. I loved seeing the cute outfits you put together. While I am not skirts only I do love to wear them! (especially since after 3 kiddos my waist kinda disappeared. :/)

  8. Hi, Gail! I'm so glad you visited and thanks for your comment. Best wishes for your baby's upcoming birth!

  9. Thanks for all the comment love! It's nice to know other women also appreciate dressing this way.

  10. What a great post! Skirts can be so much more versatile and practical than many think - thanks for demonstrating it so well! I always think back to the days of Little House on the Prairie and how the women then managed to do some serious homemaking in their skirts, so why should it be different now? :-)

  11. These are absolutely beautiful outfits! Great post, thanks for sharing with us!

  12. Hi I'm following along the linky & have to say I love your outfits & your ideas! You look beautiful there!
    Have a great day

  13. I finally got your link to work, and I'm so glad I tried again! Thank you so much for linking up @ The Modest Mom. Your outfits are lovely, and I especially love your nursing dress! I've never heard of that brand, now I'm off to go google it. :) Thank you again for sharing! Oh, I loved the one of you staining the wood, my husband used to own a cabinet shop, so I've done plenty of staining myself. ;)

  14. I am really enjoying looking at all these wonderful outfits, i love skirts and wear them everyday. And as you say, there is a skirt for every occasion. I love you Sunday outfit . . the shoes are great to!

  15. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures. While I am not a skirt / dress only person, I have been inspired to actually wear more of them after reading this:) I mostly live in jeans these days but I need to branch out and try more skirts I think....

  16. Thank you for all the tips, examples, ideas, and inspiration with all your outfits. You look so pretty in all of them.


  17. Oh, how cute are you?! Just darling. I love the idea of showing the skirts in activities. GREAT idea!

    What a wonderful post.

    It's fun seeing others following the She Wears Skirts series.

  18. Eve,
    Beautiful! What a great post on the topic. I really appreciate you linking up to the series and giving such practical insight. :)

  19. wonderful post :) I was a lot like you and made the switch almost 2 years ago.

    I love your 2nd paragraph here. thanks for sharing.

  20. Anonymous4/03/2012

    Hello, I followed the link off the She Wears skirts, Im always interested to see what other skirt-wearing moms are wearing.. For the cross over dress on bottom, if you are handy with a sewing machine Ive actually taken a bodice like that apart and inserted clasps so its easy to nurse and I don't have to worry about needing a safety pin! One of them I sewed in a nursing bodice so that it was a bit more modest for when we were out and about but the baby needed to eat. Takes about 10 minutes but it makes huge difference..

    At least if you are like me and can never find a safety pin.. Seriously, I sew.. I should have a ton, where do they disappear to?

  21. Hi, there! Thanks for stopping by and reading this post and thank you for the tip. I would definitely consider sewing it, esp. with dresses I use a lot. Have a great day!

  22. Hi Eve,
    I'm Hannah Wetzel, writer from Me Oh My! Desserts! Thank you so much for sharing this post with me. I love it. I was the type of girl who wore jeans and t-shirt all the time growing up but after marrying and having children I have felt a strong pull to wearing skits and dressing more feminine. It is taking time but I am finally pulling together a modest, lady like wardrobe and getting rid of my more masculine attire. I am so glad to find another LDS blogger out there who feels the same way I do. I think I'll be stopping by pretty often. =) Love your blog and God bless you and yours!


  23. Hi, Hannah! So glad you visited! I'm stopping by to visit your blog shortly :-)


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)