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This was the first pizza recipe I have made (and there have been several over the years!) that all my kids ate and really, really liked. In fact, when I was telling my oldest son that I was considering including this recipe in our family collection of recipes, he agreed it was a good idea...and then tentatively asked, "Can you erase the other pizza recipes?" Hahahaha...why, yes. Yes, I can...because this one is definitely a keeper!

I love this recipe because, for the dough, you only need a few ingredients: flour, salt, yeast, and warm water. That's it!

But that's not all. The recipe I used calls for freshly ground whole wheat flour. Nutritious! The crust is not yucky and dense like you would think a pizza made from whole grains would be. It is surprisingly light and chewy, in a good way. In a really, really good way! (You would never guess it's whole grain)

Oh....and no kneading! You mix all the ingredients up, cover the bowl with a lid tightly and then go about your day...come back later and whip up some pizzas in about 10 minutes each in a very hot oven. This recipe made five 12" pizzas-- plenty for us and for company, with some left over.
I've even made the dough up the night before and then made this into lunch. Seriously easy. With cans of tomato sauce in my pantry and frozen shredded mozzarella on hand, I don't think we'll ever have a need for takeout or store bought frozen pizzas again!

Easy, quick, delicious, healthful, budget-friendly, versatile, crowd-pleaser...what's not to like?

I'll bet you are wanting to see that recipe about now, right?

Hop on over to Diane Hopkins' Heart-to-Heart blog and check it out! This is a recipe she developed. Diane has a creative list of topping ideas, too.

If you give this a try in your kitchen, I hope you'll let me know what toppings you added! Are your kids cheese-lovers like mine? What are your family's favorite pizza concoctions?

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