Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mother, You are Magnificent!

 I am linking up with A Wise Woman Builds Her Home today to celebrate our efforts as mothers in honor of Mother's Day. I think of all the women who give and love so much and thank you for your examples to me, especially my own mother and the special mother who raised my husband.


I wrote this poem in response to the brief insights I get in between folding laundry, nursing my babies, and cooking lunch. I love being a mother, and when it's hard, I read this to remind myself that everything counts and the good days always make up for the bad ones.

These are the days:
each minute
lasts 100 years.
Won't this ever end?

These are the days:
worry and fears
and hopes and triumphs
squished together like pb & j.

These are the days:
"You're driving me crazy!"
"Neener neener"
"Peek-a-boo" and "hide-n-seek".

These are the days:
baby drool and soggy diapers
bubbly bath times
chubby fingers and band-aid knees.

These are the days:
full of wonder,
full of shouts and laughter and tears,
calls for "Mama" and "Daddy".

These are the days:
long days and long nights,
hoping, trying, saying sorry
building our life together, a family.

These are the days:
paint splatters, sticky footprints,
sugar toast and juice popsicles.
Licking the batter bowl, sampling cookie dough.

These are the days
and it doesn't much matter
what our house looks like, or our hair
or how much stuff we have.

These are the days:
hundreds of moments strung together,
each one a snapshot of reality,
making up one big collective family memory.

These are the days:
the ones I'll look back on
and marvel,
Where did they go?

These are the days:
as quickly as they pass
I want each one back
to hold in my heart forever.

Last, this video has such a positive and hope-filled message for all women who mother and dedicate their lives to the task. I hope you enjoy and feel uplifted by it!

Happy Mother's Day, Moms! <3


  1. Thanks Eve, that's what I needed today.

  2. I'm really glad to hear that, Kristin.

  3. That is a great poem! took me back to the 'baby' stage of my dd:)
    Happy Mothers Day!

  4. joyfulmum, thanks for the nice compliment! I laughed when my husband started reading it the first time and got as far as the second line and looked at me quizzically..."that doesn't rhyme at all!'" It's nice to stretch my creativity through blogging, even when the poems don't rhyme. It's just a lot of fun. I hope your Mother's Day was great, too! Glad you stopped by.


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)