Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Australia was Awesome!

Sunrise in Sydney, the harbor view from our room. The neat castle-like building is the music conservatory.

Having never been to Australia before, I was not quite sure what to expect. I have been to cities in Spain, Peru, Mexico, and to cities like L.A., Seattle, Portland and San Francisco on the West Coast. But Sydney was different from them all!

First of all, it was more lush and tropical than I thought it would be. In my mind's eye I imagined tall grasses and flat stretches of land. Now, we never really left the city, so I don't know what the rest of New South Wales looks like, but from our time at the Toronga Zoo, Royal Botanic Garden, and Manly Beach, my husband and I were really awed by the natural beauty there.

Royal Botanic Garden

Manly Beach

Enjoying a lovely day together.

Speaking of awed....

we were also surprised to see so many giant spiders like this everywhere there were bushes and trees....

You had to watch out not to walk right into their webs. They were everywhere in bushes and trees.

In the Botanic Gardens, enormous fruit bats resided in the trees.

My husband enjoyed his time at the conference for the first two days there and felt good about his presentation. We enjoyed the sights and had a nice time at a party in the home of the person who put the conference together.

Our daughter became determined to walk every chance she got (between us porting her about in the ERGObaby carrier).
After a rainy day inside the hotel room, we ventured out together and took a ferry to Toronga Zoo.

Toronga Zoo
My husband's favorite area at the zoo? The reptiles! We saw a Kimodo Dragon and the Fierce snake, the world's most venomous land snake.

Glad he was behind glass! Notice the iridescence of his scales? Beautiful. 

My favorites? The bird show and the seal show.

Someone else likes birds, too...

and chasing after them in the gardens..."bood, bood, bood! teet! teet! teet! teet!"

"Now where's that sneaky bird??"

Baby loved climbing stairs...
and more stairs!

Finally, the grand finale of all stair escapades....

Yes, she almost did make it up to the very top! We helped a little.

The Sydney Opera house is behind us. It was really huge inside. They had a concert, a play and other things all being held simultaneously as they have so much room for various venues.

The pathway we frequented, above, was good exercise and also terrific for people watching.

I am sure my husband got tired of hearing me rave about the eggs we ate there BUT seriously...the yolks were the biggest I have ever seen, even in typical free range eggs from the grocery store here, and the color of the yolks was this deep, dark beautiful rich orange color, almost red. The taste was really really good, as eggs go. AND they were that good everywhere we ate around the city...and I should know, because I made it my goal to eat an egg at most meals :-) Did I mention, I liked the eggs?

I even took pictures of the eggs in an Aldi (supermarket). Silly American tourist!

Our boys stayed back home with my mom and sister's family. They missed us, but they thought, for the most part, that this was their vacation! The day after we returned, after they were done jumping up and down with joy and eating the candy we brought back for them and giving us all hugs and kisses, they were asking to go back to Grandma's house!

The people of Sydney were very gracious and friendly and there were plenty of things to go and see. I would go back to the city in a heartbeat. This trip for us was the chance of a lifetime and it was worth it. (I can't believe we survived two 14 hour flights with a 17 month old! That I could do without....but it was all part of the experience, right?)

A few more photos...




View of the Harbor bridge on our first morning in Sydney.

As I walked along the Quay, I happened upon an Australian morning show crew filming a give-away for
$20,000 to the person who found the largest golden bunny in their box. It was fun to watch.

Funny use of words everywhere. 'Fancy flavours!' Also, one girl I met didn't say something tasted 'good', as we Americans like to say. She said it tasted 'nice'. Those small differences were fun to listen to in people's conversation.

Bakery in Manly Beach. Had good prices, better than in Sydney. Lamington's? Yes, please! They are light pound cake wrapped in chocolate frosting and rolled in shredded coconut. Mmmm.

The shopkeeper who was so funny, she gave my husband a hard time when he paid using a $2 coin instead of a $.20 one.

A nice playground we came upon near Manly Beach, right next to the cutest little Montessori preschool you ever did see.


  1. awww, nice to see some pictures of my lovely city! so when were you guys over here? Sydney is a truly beautiful place even I may say so myself:)

  2. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. What an adventure! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hi, Michelle! I am glad you liked it, thanks for stopping by!

  5. joyfulmum, I definitely thought of you as I posted those photos! We were just over in the mid April for 7 days. Thanks for the comment!

  6. So great that you got to see a bit of Australia! We've been travelling around with our five kids for a year and a half now and have barely seen much of this beautiful land. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. It would be neat to meet you when you get back over here!

  7. Hope your trips are nice, too! We do hope to get back to Sydney again someday and it would be lovely to play as families IRL (and my other Bloggy friends there, too :-) Thanks for your comment!



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