Sunday, April 24, 2011

Outfit of the Day

I'm linking up with the blog True Femininity today to share a new outfit I purchased this weekend. You can click on the image above to visit the blog and participate if that sounds fun to you! I really love the outfits the blog author has chosen to share--they are very chic! She mixes some vintage in, and it's adorable! Her looks are cute, modest, and affordable: three things that are important to me!

 Top: Puff-sleeve floral print blouson top ($4.99 at Savers)
Skirt: Cotton blend black pencil skirt ($4.99 at Savers)
Shoes: Black peep toe, sling back heels ($20 at Payless Shoe Source)

Did I mention affordable? Savers is our local resale shop and there are others I frequent. It's amazing what you can find, lots of good-quality used items and you would be surprised what I find that still has tags. Often stores from around the shop will donate (I am guessing for tax reasons?) some of their apparel, so I have seen Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, and other bigger-name brands in the aisles as well. 

I wore this to church today and then kept it on for the rest of the day because it was so comfortable. (Unusual for me; I used to be the first one changed from church because I have preferred pants, and the more comfortable the better.) My sweet, camera-happy 8 year old son and husband were nice enough to snap a few shots of me in our front yard.

The pearl gray earrings were a nice touch. 
I like a little subtle prettiness in my jewelry.

An easy up-do that kept me cool.

Aren't these heels fun? It's been years since I have worn a pair.
I bought them to wear to a wedding but I liked wearing them today.

On Modesty and Femininity

I've been spending time lately reading blogs and websites about modesty and femininity, and while I have always worn clothing that covers my legs, chest and shoulders, I have had my eyes opened to new possibilities with the notion of wearing skirts and dresses more often to express and enjoy my femininity. It's kind of a concept I have not really embraced until recently and I am surprised by how comfortable wearing skirts can be.

Modesty is a topic for everyone, not just persons of one faith or another--or just for women, for that matter. Although I do wear pants sometimes, I have renewed my conscious commitment to myself to be mindful of how I dress and how I am seen by others. It really has brought about some changes in my heart.

I was just remarking to my sister today the change I have felt in just two weeks of choosing to wear skirts more often. Instead of subliminally thinking, as I chose something from my closet to put on, "if I wear this, someone might notice and admire me...", my thoughts were more like..."I feel so loved already. I'll feel really good wearing this". It's funny--it was like I was starting out feeling loved, wearing clothing I felt confidently covered in, rather than wearing something, hoping to feel validation or praise from others. It was a subtle difference but felt powerful to me.

The second change I noticed is that I really feel more womanly in a skirt. I felt closer to God in His plan for me as His daughter. That may sound funny or strange. I know I didn't expect it to make any difference before I decided to give it a try. I just wanted to try it out to see what all the hubbub was really about! Was it really something that makes a difference? It's a little hard to put into words what I felt, actually. It was subtle but it was there. I suppose one way to say it is that I felt stronger in my role of 'woman', 'wife' and 'mother'. I felt empowered in my role! (Who'd a thunk a skirt would do all that, right?)

If you are curious about modesty and places to buy modest clothing, I've compiled a list of links for myself and share them with you  HERE. As you scroll down the page, the links are listed under the heading "modesty". If you prefer, you can start with these links here:

She Wears Skirts: Two Moms blog about their ideas, tips, experiences. This is a great resource.

More than's also about finding your own femininity! Feelin' Feminine

If you have questions about modesty or an experience that made a difference to you, please share it here with a comment. I would love to hear from you!


  1. Anonymous5/03/2011

    I'm just visiting from the She wears skirts, series, you did a lovely job writing this post, I like how you have done your hair up in the photo, it would be nice if you could describe how you did it, Andrea

  2. Hi, Andrea, thanks for stopping by! Yes, that hairdo is a quick one. I twisted my bangs back and pinned them on each side of my head, then I pulled my hair up like you would for a ponytail, only I twisted it (like up for a french twist) and instead of tucking the ends in, I wrapped them around like a bun, sort of and then pinned it into place with straight hair pins. Hope that helps a little.


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)