Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Moms Can Feel Pretty, too!

Beauty. It's been on my mind!
My sister and I both had haircuts this week that made us feel pretty
and with a wedding on my husband's side of the family
coming up next month, I purchased my first pair of black heels  
as a Mommy.

Having a daughter definitely changes the way I see myself.
I want to inspire my daughter with who I am;
it really is a motivation
to take good care of 'me'.
I am sure I will embarrass her at some point, too.
(Isn't that unavoidable?)

But I do want to be the kind of woman she can look up to
with love and admiration.
I want to be the kind of woman my sons
can love and hopefully serve as a good example
for the kind of wife and mother of their children
they might choose someday.
I also like to feel good, just for myself.
What woman doesn't?

But, sometimes, you just get swept away with the tide of life...
and with taking care of so many other people, big and little.
Sometimes you even get swept out to sea, so-to-speak.
Thankfully, the tide comes back in again
and leaves some time to consider how we want to take care of ourselves.

Traci over at Ordinary Inspirations posted that
You CAN Feel Pretty as a Mom!
I love her A-Z list. Don't forget to read about the letter 'I',
wink, wink.

I feel happiest when I can do good for others,
and do good for myself, while respecting the person I am
and the person I am becoming.


  1. I AGREE!!!! I want to inspire my daughters with who I am and how I treat my own body! And self!

  2. Jamie, internet high 5!


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)