Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy 10th!

Handsome Husband and I are are celebrating our
10th wedding anniversary in style this year.
I am feelin' lucky because:

  • this is a trip for work for him (saving us money)
  • it's a great, sunny locale
  • generous family members will take care of our 3 boys for the week we are away!

Our baby daughter will join us.
If you have any tips on surviving an 18 15 hour flight with a toddler,
don't be shy. Fill me in!

What are we going to do during that week?

We'll be enjoying some of this.... (yummy food!)

                               courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Doing some sightseeing and making new memories...down under!

Australian Flag Flying animated
                                                                    courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Just for fun, if anyone would like a postcard from Australia, please send me an e-mail by clicking on my profile at the top of the page. The first 5 who contact me this week will receive one per family.

*Jamie, hope you enjoyed the card! It was fun picking it out for you and your family.


  1. Anonymous6/13/2011

    Stunning Eve! Just Stunning. Hope you had a beautiful trip to Aulstralia!

  2. Hi, Sarah! It was a wonderful experience and we were grateful for the chance to go.
    Thanks for stopping by and sayin' hello!


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