Friday, April 29, 2011

A Few Things Lately...

I hope your Easter weekend was very nice!

One of the highlights of our Easter Sunday was enjoying a home-cooked meal of foods that Jesus Christ ate after he was resurrected. It really did help us feel connected to the Savior a little more, by eating and thinking about what that dinner with his apostles was like after he rose from the dead. How did they feel seeing their Master alive again? How did they feel about seeing the wounds in His hands? How happy they must have been to see Him! 

The meal we ate included broiled fish and honeycomb, and other goodies like hummus, pita bread, cucumbers, and a light dessert of strawberry shortcake. My husband's father, sister, and her fiancee joined us and we all had a good time talking and eating. Our oldest son got everyone involved in a game of scripture/animal charades afterward, which was a memorable way to end the celebration for all of us.
The Saturday before Easter Sunday, our little kidlets had a fun egg hunt. Our church congregation hosted a family pancake breakfast and egg hunt at the park near our home. It was great to have a few neighbors join in as well.

Lil' sis was not quite sure what to do, but after watching her big brothers
crack open their colored eggs and seeing the jelly beans drop out,
she quickly got the idea! Our 3 year old little guy was pretty excited but overwhelmed by the rush and excitement. He did pick up a few eggs and his older brothers were kind and shared a few with him, too.

The weather was bright and sunny, with a touch of coolness to the air. I really soaked in the happy moment with our whole family.

The boys have had some leanings toward creativity and have been playing with their Legos lately. I am helping my oldest to strengthen his reading skills by memorizing a set of sight words written in permanent marker on index cards together each day and that has been working well, both to boost his confidence and have one more "tool" in his "reading toolbox". In addition, my husband has hit on an idea that I think is terrific!

He wrote a word on a paper and challenged our son(s) to build the word using Lego bricks. Then, he sounds it out to Dad and then draws a picture of what the word describes. It's been pretty funny to see what they have come up with. (Ever tried to draw a picture of 'dirt?') :-) Perfect for boys!

They all have enjoyed this way of interacting and our oldest son, in particular, is happier to have a challenge, especially in the afternoons when he starts to feel a little bored.

Here are some of his latest creations, as well as his younger brother's.
(Excuse some of the blurry photos taken by the camera on my phone)

My husband and I have mentioned a few times to each other things that we see each of the kids needing and then implement ideas until we hit on something that works. It is a joy when we find something that is successful and it serves to draw us closer as a couple, and as a family. I think we are learning as much from this experience of homeschooling as the kids!

It is experiences like this that I really feel like sharing with other parents, especially parents who feel like they would like to choose homeschooling for their families, but believe that they just couldn't do it. I understand that homeschooling is not something everyone wants to do, but for those who wonder, Linda Dobson at Parent at the Helm has written a blog post that addresses the top 5 concerns she hears most from parents who doubt their ability to homeschool their kids. It's a worthwhile read and very encouraging!


  1. Linda Dobson4/29/2011

    Thank you so much for sharing my blog post from Parent at the Helm. As always, I hope it helps families enjoy the wonderful world of homeschooling in these troubled times.
    All best,

  2. I like you Easter Dinner idea, Eve and the kids look like they had a fun egg hunt. I'm so glad we have a two-parent family. Like,when I'm at my wits end w/ my toddler and he is fed up w/ me too I suppose because Ry will come in and help him get interested in something and he'll calm down, or it's just nice for the kids to play with Dad sometimes, and get a different perspective than Mom's all the time. It is neat to be able to learn, work and grow as a family.

  3. Hi, Kaer! That is a good point==learning, working and growing as a family. There are so many benefits! Thanks for your comment.

  4. Linda, thanks for reading and for the comment! Your blog is a great encouragement for me.


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)