Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Christ-Centered Easter


 Though we like having fun with Easter egg hunts (usually with our neighbors for the annual hunt) and the fun things associated with it, I also love Easter time as a special holiday. It is a Holy Day, to learn more about and draw close to the Savior. I'm so glad I can share this things with my children, too.

Diane Hopkins, one of my favorite homeschool mom mentors, blogged about an idea to make a visual aid of the empty tomb out of items found around the house. An older child could definitely help out making this by following the directions she has. What a fun idea! I like that is it 3 dimensional.

There is one terrific resource I have used for a few years now. I really love this book! (see photo below)

It has recipes and so many ideas to use for teaching children or even young adults about the meaning of Easter and the events surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ. (Is this the book that you mentioned in your comment, Kristin?)

The authors are Janet and Joe Hales, parents of 7 children. Their commitment to and love for Christ really comes through to the reader. This is a book written for Latter-Day Saint families, but so much of it could be used by families of other Christian faiths.

For young children, there is the Easter story using plastic eggs. I like this section because it has a list of the tiny items to put in the eggs and all the accompanying scriptures, too. Very handy. I used this as an object lesson for a class of 11 year olds at church one year and they really liked it.


There is a section with activities and readings to use for 8 days leading up to Easter Sunday. I have always wanted to do this as I would love to learn more myself about the Savior's life in the week leading up to the resurrection and walk that emotional journey myself through the scriptures and activities suggested. I imagine how much closer I could feel to him and what a gift to give to one's children, to have that experience. I think next year will be the right time for our family.

I have made the lentil soup recipe and served it alongside pita bread, sliced cucumbers, feta cheese, olives, and honeycomb. We drank grape juice and talked about the foods the people in Jesus' time and area may have eaten. I think our oldest son was about 3 at the time we first did this and we did something similar last year. This year, I plan to make the broiled fish as the kids like fish and it would be easy and quick. I like that the recipes in this book are simple and healthy, too.

The one recipe I am excited about is the rolls that you prepare and then bake the next morning and the inside has a large marshmallow inside so that when you take a bite, the center is hollow, to remind you of the empty tomb. I know my kiddos would love this! There is a similar cookie recipe with scriptures you read before and after popping them in the oven, too. I like that the food and short lesson/discussions are combined, which works well for little kids.

This book is packed with other goodies! There's always something new to try.
  • Sacred Music and Hymns
  • Stories With a Message
  • The Jewish Sabbath
  • Easter Activities and Plays
  • A Passover Celebration and Jerusalem Dinner

More important than any resource or craft is the personal connection that can come by finding a way that is personally meaningful to celebrate and draw closer to Jesus Christ.

"He Lives" by Simon Dewey

I have learned that Easter can be personally meaningful as I purposefully create an atmosphere of happiness, peace and reverence during the day in some way and share testimony of the Savior with my family. One way of creating good memories and worship that is meaningful to me is to wake up in the morning and sing the hymn "He is Risen"; my oldest son gets excited when we skip around the house singing this song. (It may also be the excess sugar from eating extra candy that morning, too,
but who knows? )

Easter Sunday has become one of my most favorite holidays, to worship and enjoy. It's truly a wonderful time to remember our Savior.

Note: I did not receive any compensation for writing this review of the book mentioned in the post. It is from my personal library. I simply want to share something I enjoy with others.

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