Thursday, March 17, 2011

Simple Solution: Library Cards and Bag

Ever wonder where to put your kids' library cards?
No more fumbling in the diaper bag or losing cards for us!

This solution makes it easy and fast for the kids to choose and check out their own items at the public library. The cards attach by a ribbon to the designated 'library bag'.

The bag hangs by the front door and is always ready. We put items to be checked back into the library inside the bag on return trips and the boys place the contents into the return slots and then are free to go on and look for more items to check out. They put all their items inside while they use the computers or attend story time and then have a convenient way to carry them out when they are all done.

I saw this idea somewhere on the internet last year and this morning attached all three boys' library cards. I hole punched the cards in one corner and tied them all on the same ribbon and then tied the ribbon to one handle of the tote bag. Voila! Solution!

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