Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pick Your Own...

Library book!


This made me laugh! Not the usual title of book a six year old chooses, right?

DVDs at the library have long held my sons' fascination and they always have chosen a few to check out whenever we go.

Last week after a children's story time, my second son looked at the stacks with new eyes and asked what they were.

"Books!" I replied.

How is it they missed this before,
when I would steer them through and show them choices to pick from
on so many other visits to the library?

I think they must have considered the bookshelves very large speed bumps as they raced around them to the places they were more interested in {DVD racks and computers}.

This time, he eagerly pushed several books off of a shelf until I explained that made more work for the librarians. What he really wanted and was afraid to ask was if he could "buy" one to take home. Yes! Of course! So, he chose one, which is about Andrew Jackson, even when I tried to ply him with titles which seemed better suited for a boy of 6 years. Boy #3, avidly watching nearby, promptly plucked another book {about Harry S. Truman} and said he wanted to "buy" that one!

Who am I to argue?

I giggled to myself and texted to my husband the boys' books of choice that day, while considering the books they might have chosen had we chanced to be standing in another aisle.

Oldest brother loves to scan the items himself at the self check out.
Here he is showing the younger two the finer points of scanning.


Of course, the books were thrown to the side as they slid the DVDs from the library into the player at home and plopped down in front to watch as soon as we returned home--but the books are here and maybe, just maybe, we'll sit down and peruse them this week before returning them.

It's a start anyway!

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