Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Few Things...


Lots of vitamin C and herb tea being dosed out at our house for the colds this week. Baby has a fever and cough and we are all getting over colds left over from last week.

Baking cookies with Mom can be a good immune booster.
Lots of vitamin 'L'.


The weather has been okay--some days are lovely, hardly chilly and no breeze and that's when we visit the park or play in the back yard. Some days are colder and we are inside more. I finished the "Garage Cleaning Experience of 2011" and now the inflatable jump house is inside it and being used to the kids' delight (and mine as it gives me a break from rowdy, energetic kids!)

Meanwhile, our front yard is being landscaped! We (meaning my husband) dug out most of the grass and recently hired help to put in block retaining walls for a tiered front garden and a large paver patio.
I am happy to see things coming along because we are going to put in fruit trees and vegetable gardens come Fall. Woohoo!


Our oldest son is reading more words and pretty happy about it. He practices on his own most of the time with some sit-downs with Mom or Dad occasionally. He catches on more all the time.


I can't say enough good things about the local public library. They put on a party for Valentine's day with Elephant and Piggy books as the theme. I highly recommend those books! They are an easy reader book I actually enjoy to read (rather than 'cringe' at like some other easy readers) and a good one for side-by-side reading with children.

The boys and I had a few laughs as the librarians acted out the parts in the book for all the kids there. It was a hoot! The boys liked the books so much they even asked to check two out (and that's a big deal because the other items they always ask for are DVDs!) Then, they checked out about 5 movies. Yep. That's how we roll.

Here are some of the fun things they did at the library party...

BINGO with hearts.



A cooperative game: dump the plastic eggs from the paper nest on their head. Cute.



Even the little ones got in on the fun.
{Hamming it up for Mama's camera}

Sis was a bit upset I wouldn't let her climb onto the table
--she's in that stage now.

That's all for now..till next time! Hope your winter has some bright spots too!


  1. sorry to hear you're sick down there. We've had this flu for going on 3 weeks now and I'm losing my patience entirely.
    Can't wait to see the finished yard! Veggie garden in the front?

  2. {sending get-well-vibes your way!}

    Yes, you read that right...a front yard veggie garden. We will have a fence put in a month or so (mostly to keep kids and dog inside). The best sunlight for gardening is there.

    The neighborhood is pretty peaceful so I am not concerned about vandals, but just in case I do have some ideas tucked up my sleeve {slyly grinning}. I suspect cats will plague us more than people. This is new for me too, but I am feeling pretty positive about it! {Read a few books about this..it's kind of the 'in' thing right now}


Thanks for your comment today! I love reading your thoughts, too. :-)