Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Baby is the Lesson


It is very common for mothers with older children to worry if they will be able to give them "enough" attention or time with a new baby brother or sister around. Whether a family attends school or learns at home, this article provides peace of mind from an experienced mother who has been there and has wisdom to share. Whenever I feel some mild panic coming on, I bring up this article and read it. I think my blood pressure goes down a notch or two ;-)

Heart-to-Heart with Diane Hopkins {"The Baby is the Lesson"}

She also has an excellent store of books, toys, games and more that we have purchased from. The balloon boat is a kid-favorite at bathtime! Though I am not paid to advertise for her, I recommend this store because they carry products children really do enjoy playing and learning with and that is priceless!

Love to Learn store

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  1. Thanks for that link. What an amazing woman.


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