Monday, January 3, 2011

Isn't it About...Time?

A friend shared this article on FaceBook and I had to mention it here.
It is featured on Latter-Day Homeschooling.

The article discusses the positive impact play has on children's lives.

Emily, who wrote the article, mentions a quote from a psychological researcher at Yale who said:

"Because of the testing, and the emphasis now that you have to really pass these tests, teachers are starting earlier and earlier to drill the kids in their basic fundamentals. Play is viewed as unnecessary, a waste of time. I have so many articles that have documented the shortening of free play for children, where the teachers in these schools are using the time for cognitive skills."

I think it is kind of funny that the power of play for children has to be defended and protected,
but these are the days we live in! I still have vivid childhood memories of roaming the neighborhood and playing with any child on the street who was available and making up games together. We "hunted" for pet lizards in the desert and played baseball in the street (waiting for passing cars to go by before continuing the game). I played tee ball and had violin lessons briefly, but my memories are more of playing at home with my brothers and sisters and with friends.

This article reminds me to stay off the bandwagon that pressures parents like me to sign my kids up
for more music lessons, sports camps, and other activities, at increasingly earlier ages--and to be assured, the kids have enough when they have lots of family time and time to play. It is better to increase the quality of family life than to look outside the home for something to fill a void. Learning can be successful when based in the family (and extended family).


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  1. Yes, play is super important, and all those poor frazzled mommies and daddies, and those poor stressed kids are benefiting less from their sports than they think they are. It's so sad!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Annie Kate


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