Friday, September 17, 2010

Hands-on History: Mummies

Fun facts: The kids were playing with this thin, tall cardboard box. One of them would get in and the other would cover them with the lid. The boy inside would then burst out and chase his brother, screaming. They were re-enacting a cartoon they'd seen on Netflix about mummies chasing people. I volunteered to wrap them in high-quality Costco TP, and can you guess? They agreed very excitedly. Boy #2 was totally in to it, as seen in the photos.

Quote from the phone files: A little while later, I was on the phone with my mom, while Boy #1 was tearing off his TP mummywraps. He then decided he wanted some TP on his leg to make a cast. I said, "No, I will not tape that toilet paper on you!" Of course, mom laughed at this bizarre statement. I'm sure there will be many more quotes for the phone files to come like this one . And, for the record, his dad taped his leg and he then enjoyed pretending it was a cast. One more part of a full day at our house!

More recently last year, reprising his role...

Mummy waits in his cardboard sarcophagus to come back to life.

What started this ancient Egyptian mummy game?
It's a little like "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"...

If you pick a sticker story book and let the kids put the stickers on the pages...
they'll pick stickers for the ancient Egyptian pages.

If you talk about ancient Egypt,
they'll want to talk about mummies.

If you talk with them about mummies,
they'll remember that ONE time you let them 
get all wrapped up in toilet paper and run around.
And they'll want to do it again!

If you let them wrap themselves up in gauze fabric 
this time instead of toilet paper (phew!),
they'll want a box to lie in for a tomb.

If they lie in the box, all wrapped up in mummy garb,
they'll want you to hide so they can burst out of the box 
and chase you!

If they chase you,
they will catch you...

and it will be fun!


  1. I really like this mummy thing and game. I would like to me a mummy someday. I am sure it is a lot different from being a mommy. You boys are so much fun and creative with the things you do with your mummy oops I mean mommy and dappy opps that is daddy. Silly Grandma. It is late 1:30 am and I am having to much fun looking at blogs. Love you all and be blessed.

  2. What a joy to see such happy faces having fun! Now, when one of them grows up to be an Egyptologists, you'll have documentation of their humble beginnings.


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